Release Vixen 3.5 Now Available


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Sep 21, 2012
The annual release of Vixen is now available. Version 3.5 brings many new and exciting features.

Custom Prop Editor: Create custom props for all those irregular items like snowflakes, stockings, faces, etc. Save these props as files and share between users. Supports importing xModel files as well, so that you can have easy access to all of the content that's already out there, including all of the models supplied by vendors like Boscoyo. Custom props contain information to create the elements in display setup and to aid in patching. Simply drag the prop into the preview setup and elements will be created for you. When you go to patch them, they will patch in the element order that's defined in the custom prop.

New OpenGL Preview. This optional preview viewer uses video hardware acceleration and has advanced functionality that supports zooming and panning on the display. The level of OpenGL required isn't supported on older PCs, so the old preview viewer is still the default. Enable the OpenGL option for each preview in the preview setup screen.
Added basic scaling and zoom for the old preview viewer

Drag and Drop to Timeline: Added ability to drop files from explorer onto the timeline. You can create a picture effect by simply dropping a picture file onto the timeline. Same for Video and now SVG files

New Effects: Countdown Timer, Shapes

New Layer Mixing Filters: Chroma Key, Luma Key.

Huge improvements to the mark system. Marks now can have a duration and a label. There's a new marks bar that sits between the timeline and the audio file. You can enable and disable this bar for each mark collection. These enhancements to the marks, and how they're seen open the doors to some very handy interactions with effects. Most Notably, the marks are now used to hold the lyrics for lipsync. They can also be used to influence the behavior of the Fireworks, Text, and Alternating effects.

LipSync: You can now put your phrases into a mark collection, convert it to a words collection and finally convert words to phoneme collections. The lipsync effect can now be set to use these marks and a single effect can flip thru the phonemes as the words change in the mark collection.

Lipsync Setup has also seen some big changes. String based lipsync props (non-matrix) are now configured as part of the elements. You can do this from either the display setup screen, or from the sequence editor. When you configure the prop, you assign which elements within the prop group are active for each phoneme. We've also added columns for the outline/background of the face, as well as positions for eyes open and eyes closed. In the past, a lipsync effect and mapping was tied to a specific element. Now when you move the lipsync effect from element to element, it will automatically apply properly to the new element. You can also apply a single lipsync effect to a group of faces and it will control them all. This is great for parts where choirs and quartets are singing together.

Papagayo Import can now import voice tracks from papagayo as mark collections.

Matrix based lipsync now uses images and are dynamically scaled to the grid. A basic set of phoneme faces is included, and you can easily add your own.

The 3 preset libraries are now each in their own docker. This allows you to have them all visible at once if you like. They also have zoom support so you can make the tiles smaller or larger to suit your preference. If you prefer the old way, you can still put them all into the same pane to make the tabbed interface you're used to.

We've also continued down the path of performance improvements. There's been a bunch of enhancements and refinements in the underlying code to make things run faster and more efficiently with a net effect of enabling larger and larger displays.

All in all this release completes:
57 Bugs
17 New Features
36 Improvements
For a total of 110 tickets addressed.

This also marks our 631st version (since we started counting somewhere around 2013)

Download today at

We've also made an effort to make brief videos on most of these new features. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel


Dedicated elf
Jan 5, 2014
awesome work guys, I have been playing with the bleeding edge version for a little while so am happy you now have a stable release that I can give to my daughter to work on in her days off :)


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Feb 15, 2014
Below is a full list of changes since 3.4 Update 3.

Release Notes - Vixen 3 - 3.5 Release Build

** Bug

* [VIX-496] - Issue with Undo/Redo in Sequencer
* [VIX-928] - Pasting effects with no target crashes Vixen
* [VIX-1889] - In the Snowflake effect, the flakes disappear as soon as part of them touch the bottom of the element instead if transitioning through.
* [VIX-1928] - Alternating Effect. Flashing on change
* [VIX-1973] - Adding Pixel Star causes crash when using odd pixel counts
* [VIX-1984] - Oval Ellipse / Copy Paste issue
* [VIX-2199] - Grouping Error Button Options
* [VIX-2205] - When you have same element in multiple groups visible and paste will paste twice as many.
* [VIX-2233] - Add render overide for the Menu Seperator to the themetoolstriprender module
* [VIX-2236] - Meteors effect blanks all elements when dropped on single element.
* [VIX-2240] - Preset Libraries (Curve/Gradient) does not save correctly when removing/adding multiple items.
* [VIX-2243] - Preview setup screen should have title bar text changed
* [VIX-2246] - Video Effect 'Start Time (sec)' limited to 500
* [VIX-2278] - Effect Time Editor Title
* [VIX-2289] - Vixen won't open
* [VIX-2290] - Scheduler crashes Vixen and now it no longer restarts
* [VIX-2315] - Intensity Layer not working for LipSync
* [VIX-2345] - Add a help menu to the main Vixen form for online documentation.
* [VIX-2348] - An empty draw threshold in the curve editor will cause Vixen to crash.
* [VIX-2366] - Lyric Converter convert to clipboard message box uses wrong icon
* [VIX-2370] - Add NumericalTextBox Control to Solution
* [VIX-2371] - Correct various dependency issues within the projects that cause dependent libraries to be copied to local projects when they should not be.
* [VIX-2372] - Clean up and organize massive TimedSequenceEditorForm.cs file
* [VIX-2375] - The new check for updates can hang Vixen if the JIRA site is down or slow to respond.
* [VIX-2378] - On some network connections, the app will hang in a race condition attempting to check for updates.
* [VIX-2379] - LipSync Mapping Form Missing Icon
* [VIX-2380] - LipSync Mapping Form Notes Box Anchoring
* [VIX-2393] - Bugs and oddities in the new Custom Prop Editor.
* [VIX-2395] - Imported discrete Custom Props require restart before preview will work.
* [VIX-2399] - The new Order module and the Chroma Key module need project config fixes.
* [VIX-2406] - The new lip-sync effect updates to use marks causes an issue effects to re-render each pass in the live preview in the editor.
* [VIX-2410] - Regular lip-sync image effects that do not use marks are not rendering the image.
* [VIX-2411] - There are a few bugs in the new marks bar logic that crash Vixen.
* [VIX-2413] - Image object already in use errors in Lip-sync
* [VIX-2416] - Lip-sync conversion error crashes Vixen
* [VIX-2417] - Memory and performance optimizations.
* [VIX-2421] - Changes to the Scheduler do not save.
* [VIX-2423] - Text effect "Repeat Text" checkbox only needs to be visible when Trigger is set to MarkCollections.
* [VIX-2426] - Shapes effect size curve doesnt work
* [VIX-2427] - If a Mark spans across multiple rows then resizing and context menu only work on the top row of that Mark.
* [VIX-2428] - ChromaKey project reference to the color breakdown is specific to the x86 binary instead of the project itself.
* [VIX-2429] - Crash when adding effects that use the PulseRenderer on large element count props.
* [VIX-2430] - Clean up broken dependency references and upgrade some outdated ones to current.
* [VIX-2432] - Export is not working
* [VIX-2433] - When I try to play my sequences the preview shows nothing in build 603.
* [VIX-2434] - The Audio helper plugin build output points to the wrong directory.
* [VIX-2436] - Wipe / Pulse effect gradient colors wrong
* [VIX-2437] - Rapid edits on a curve in the effect editor can cause a crash.
* [VIX-2440] - The xTiming import does not work correctly if there are more than one set of tracks in the file.
* [VIX-2441] - The editor can crash of the user attempts to edit a very large amount of effects at the same time.
* [VIX-2442] - The scheduler timer that checks for a show to start runs even when the scheduler is disabled.
* [VIX-2445] - Shapes Effect Size Mode Label Spacing and Wording
* [VIX-2446] - Gradient Editor has Unnecessary Horizontal Scroll Bar
* [VIX-2448] - Files not dropping on timeline when file extension has any uppercase characters.
* [VIX-2449] - The Check for updates throws an exception if the current release does not have an official release date.
* [VIX-2453] - No need for the Count Down effect to have multiple gradient colors.
* [VIX-2459] - Vixen crashes when trying to import some xLights models

** New Feature

* [VIX-725] - OpenGL Output for 2D Preview
* [VIX-799] - Add support to scale preview window
* [VIX-812] - Add Zoom functionality to Vixen live preview window
* [VIX-969] - Custom Prop Editor
* [VIX-1040] - Add mixing filter for chroma key
* [VIX-1041] - Add luma key mixing filter
* [VIX-1094] - Zoom control for preview
* [VIX-2244] - Ability to Drag and Drop Pictures or Video from a Windows folder onto the Timeline
* [VIX-2264] - Create Countdown timer Effect
* [VIX-2350] - Add check when Vixen loads to see if there are any Release or Build updates available
* [VIX-2367] - Allow for stationary Bars Effect and variable speed options.
* [VIX-2388] - Add a wizard to the Display setup to help add order properties to existing elements.
* [VIX-2389] - Add options to the patching to utilize the new order properties.
* [VIX-2404] - Add Shapes effect
* [VIX-2409] - Add Mark Collections to Fireworks Effect
* [VIX-2412] - Add Mark Collection to the Text Effect
* [VIX-2414] - Add Mark Collection to the Alternating effect

** Improvement

* [VIX-1008] - LipSync Map Assignment Load
* [VIX-1920] - Add a mark at the beginning of selected effect(s)
* [VIX-1950] - More gradient options for the Wipe effect
* [VIX-2111] - Add the Information Web page links to the remaining effects that don't have it.
* [VIX-2129] - Add Rotation and Font size curves to the Text effect
* [VIX-2200] - Preview Zoom to 100%
* [VIX-2203] - Seperate Preset Libraries to own Docking forms
* [VIX-2227] - Enhance the profile zip wizard to omit the .lock file when exporting a profile.
* [VIX-2250] - Show locked profile in profile selector
* [VIX-2280] - Version Control grows out of control
* [VIX-2308] - Update major libraries to the latest versions.
* [VIX-2312] - Remove outdated controllers from the packaged product.
* [VIX-2319] - Update QMLibrary Compiler, Libraries and Project Files
* [VIX-2321] - Refine UI for Lip-Sync map setup
* [VIX-2322] - Lip-Sync map image vs draw
* [VIX-2326] - Create a process that will automatically update release notes for each development build from the JIRA tickets
* [VIX-2329] - Update CMU Standard Phoneme Dictionary to 0.7b
* [VIX-2346] - Add ignore intent if alone functionality to layer mixing filter interface
* [VIX-2349] - Add access keys to display setup context menus
* [VIX-2358] - Create an element creation helper for uneven patterned groups
* [VIX-2359] - Add the ability to specify the string and pixel prefix names to the Display Element templates
* [VIX-2365] - Picture effect movement options
* [VIX-2368] - Change Intensity Overlay mixing filter so it doesn't return the high layer when there is no low layer state.
* [VIX-2386] - Extend marks to allow for duration and text fields
* [VIX-2396] - Explore the idea of a enhancement or new LipSync effect that can associate itself one of the new mark collections that represent phonomes..
* [VIX-2397] - Add abilities to generate Lyric mark collections.
* [VIX-2403] - Add the ability to import Papagayo voice tracks as Mark Collections
* [VIX-2405] - Create a mechanism to do lip-sync maps on string type elements via properties.
* [VIX-2408] - Mark editing enhancements
* [VIX-2424] - Improve load performance of the editor with high element counts.
* [VIX-2438] - Performance improvements part 2
* [VIX-2439] - Add enhancement to the Lip-Sync effect to fill mark gaps with a rest face movement.
* [VIX-2443] - Performance improvements to some of the Effects.
* [VIX-2454] - Allow the user to switch off the light size scaling.
* [VIX-2455] - The Order module references the ColorGradient module incorrectly and the PSC module has an incorrect output path.
* [VIX-2456] - Add basic zoom function to the original preview.


Full time elf
Oct 25, 2014
Munno Para
Excellent work team, can't wait to download and start this years sequencing, still not sure if I will be building new props but let's see how I go. Perhaps I will try and get a little more fancy this year and use layers lol.


Full time elf
Oct 25, 2014
Munno Para
Going to have to use the new custom prop editor to re make my custom props for my reindeer and sleigh. Thanks for the video and thanks for finally making custom prop making much easier, this is going to make adding custom props so much easier in the future. I better get started lol.