3.x Vixen 3 and the J1sys P12r and ECG-DR4


New elf
Jan 14, 2012
Does anyone have any idea how or what I'm meant to do to get these controllers working in Vixen 3 ? I just don't understand the patching system at all.

I can get the lights to blink if I just randomly patch all my lights to one controller but I don't understand how the universe system works in Vixen 3. Do I make a separate controller for each universe ?

I have my P12R hooked up so each element is connected to a different universe. IE. candy canes universe 1, mini trees universe 2 and so on.

The way I think it works with the patching is that universe 1 runs from 1 to 512 channels so I need to patch my canes to that sections first then the mini trees on universe 2 runs from 513 to 1024 so I patch it to that section and so on. Is that right or do I have the whole thing wrong.

If anyone can help me out that would be great. I'm going crazy with trying to work the numbers in my head and with channels and universes and pixel numbering I think I have gotten myself confused and I'm making it harder then it should be.