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3.x Vixen 3, need help configuring controller

Discussion in 'Vixen' started by DizizJesse, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. DizizJesse

    DizizJesse New Elf

    Nov 8, 2015
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    I am using the ECG-P2 controller but i'm unsure of what controller to add once in Vixen 3 or how to link it to the controller correctly. My display will be 5 curved arches consisting of 150 pixels per string (5 strings) and RGB, In the elements section i have created 2 separate 'megatrees', one consisting of 2 strings, the other 3 (because the ECG-P2, has two different ports that only allow so much) from what i understand its better to choose over the required amount of outputs in the controller, i have tried a few but with no results (edit: i got it semi working but half of one of the strips isn't lighting up[​IMG]
  2. JPB

    JPB Full Time Elf

    May 13, 2010
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    The P2 will appear as a streaming ACN (E1.31) controller in Vixen
    I have mine start on Channel 1, Universe as required and size 512 and 512 Channels in the Channel Count

    In your elements, add the Colour Handling filter to each pixel. Do this in bulk and set like in the picture

    Then Select the string in the Element Window and the P2 in the Controller window and click the Patch Elements button in the bottom of the middle pane. This will patch your 150 pixels which are now 450 patch points as each pixel now has an R G and B channel to 450 controller outputs

    The picture is me about to Patch up 14 RGB stars to a P2. You will see it is 14 stars, 42 patch points and I have 512 controller outputs available

    I hope this helps


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