3.x Vixen 3 New inline curve editor.


Senior elf
Feb 15, 2014
From the doityourselfchristmas forum from Jon.

"We've been working on a new curve editor where you can edit curves directly in the effect editor pane without needing to go into the curve editor form.

It's basically a miniature version of the regular curve editor. In most cases, all you really need is basic curve editing with rough adjustments and don't need the detail and extra features found in the full size editor.
Just like in the regular curve editor, you can add vertex nodes to the curve by control-click, and delete points by alt-click. You can click drag any node to adjust it's position. A new features is that you can shift-click-drag and it will flatten the curve to a simple 2-point horizontal line that can be dragged up and down. This gives you the ability to make a level that doesn't change over time. The ability to drag and drop curves between properties and the library is still there.

This new curve editor control replaces the old control for all effects where there was already a curve based property.

This new curve editor has been on the wish liszt for a long time, but it became a necessity as we decided that we were going to convert a number of level properties on existing effects to be curve based. While the addition of curve support is a definite enhancement over the standard level slider for these properties, it would have negatively impacted ease of use if we simply replaced the slider with the old curve control. This new control, specifically with the shift-drag style operation, will give a close approximation of what can be done with the old level slider.

The first effect to get this new curve treatment is the pinwheel effect. This will allow you to set these parameter to change over time. For example, you can have a speed that gets faster or slower, or the center position of the pinwheel can move around from point A to point B. There's lots of powerful things that can be done with creative use of these new curve based controls. This breathes new life into existing effects and you'll be able to do a lot more with them.

More curve based effects will be coming soon. If you've got specific ideas for priorities, let us know."