VSA an easy way to program Servo Sequences


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Oct 5, 2010
Had purchased Virtual Show Automation Hobbyist (VSA) software a couple of years ago but only really used it recently.

Well worth the USD 79.95

VSA enables you to set up and program sequences for servos and lights and link the movements to an audio track. VSA is easy to use and you can play your show from this or import VSA routines into XLights. The big advantage is that it automatically ramps the servo position value linearly between points you set so you get nice smooth movements and you can then just focus on when you want things to move and how much.

To make it easier you can link movement to the sound amplitude. Our Grandson (Tuppetson) also loves using the Logitek Extreme3DPro joystick to move the servos in record mode and then play this back.

You can play back your sequence as a DMX stream if you have a DMX interface with your servos like I have.

Next job using VSA to program our Skulltronix Skull.
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