Walmart After Christmas - A BIG zero here (US)


Apprentice elf
Oct 20, 2012
Huntsville, TX
I cant speak for all stores, but the Walmart in Huntsville has put the brakes on for buying almost ANYTHING after Christmas ...

I noticed only a very small, very limited selection of incans (I think these were last years left overs) and they were gone after Thanksgiving. The exception being the incan in the 200 count reel ... Only LED's and not even a big section for them ...

I was last minute shopping and wandered through the Christmas section and found 90% of all the Christmas items had been replaced with totes.... The only thing remaining is the usual suspects. A few racks of cards, table and tree decorations and stuff I have YET to figure our what your supposed to do with it ...

I recall something about incans and 2012 but even the LED's are gone !!!

Anyone else seeing slim pickins for after Christmas sales?