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We can use your help to test Keith's Video Mapper

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Apr 26, 2016.

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    We can use your help!

    Keith Westley has almost finished a new feature for xLights. You will be able to run a special test sequence that will flash all the lights of a model. If you make a video recording of these lights he will make a custom model for you. You have a Snowflake that has 150 rgb lights, just create a video of it displaying the special sequence and feed it to the conversion process , you get a custom model. You wrap lights around your trees and bushes. Each bush you want to be a model. Enter start channel and total number of lights for first bush , run special pattern and record video. A few seconds of processing and you get a custom model.
    I made a short video describing the steps below

    How can you help?
    Keith needs some sample videos to test his current code.
    Here is what you do

    If you have a custom model now, and you have built a custom model for it then PROCEED to next steps

    1) Download the special xlights (version 21 with a new option in TOOLS)
    2) Go to "Tools, Generate Custom Model"
    3) Enter start channel and number of nodes.
    4) Setup phone to take video or a video camera. IMPORTANT! Do not hand hold the camera. It needs to be perfectly steady during recording. Prop it against something or use a tripod.
    5) Click "Run Capture Program", Press Record on your camera. Press "OK" for pattern to start.
    6) It will say "Running Light pattern"
    7) When the pattern is finished, stop Video camera, press "OK"

    a) Your xlights_rgbeffects.xml (This has your current custom model)
    b) Tell us the model name you made a recording for. Example: "SNOWFLAKE3"
    c) Send the video files that unloaded from your camera. Please make a separate video for each model. If you have a snowflake and a star, call them the {modelname}.mp4 or {modelname}.mov or {modelname}.avi or whatever video format you have.

    Send these files to xlights@nutcracker123.com with a subject line of "Generate Custom Model"

    I will gather all together and pass to Keith so he can continue his development.

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