What's Wrong with our Red lights in our RGB LED Dumb Strips


New elf
Jul 21, 2012
Over an evening, we've had a bunch of the red lights in our RGB dumb strips go dim. It's spread out across the strip, with some working fine, and then a few very dim.

Background: We have one DMX controller and one power supply for every two strips (made into frames). These are supposed to be weatherproof, but they were bought on eBay, so apparently, maybe not so much. It's not affecting the green or blue lights, only the red. We split the DMX signal and power via a Y adapter, and have very short runs from the power supply to the lights.

If anyone has any ideas what else we can check, it would be appreciated. It's one of those things most people wouldn't notice, but it drives us nuts.

Here's a quick video so you can see what we are doing with the strips.



Dedicated elf
Jul 13, 2012
Probably not the same issue as only some of the red lights in your strip are dim, but I had a problem with one of my RGB strip lights where the whole length of blue was dim but with red and green fine.
After posting a similar question on this site, I got lots of helpful suggestions that it could be a bad solder connection either where the wires attach to the strip or where I soldered the 7.5m 4 core cable to the strips 4 core wires.
I have managed to resolve the issue until the display is finished by just twiddling the wire at the suspect connection and then re-secured the cable so it doesn't move. Now I have full blue colour. Will check my solder joints once Xmas is finished and the strip comes down.
Anyway, that's my experience and 2 cents worth.