Where to but outdoor static lights


New elf
Nov 19, 2012
Hi, Anyone know where I can buy outdoor lights without controllers? I have jumped in and bought LOR controller & sequences but can't find static lights :-\


Senior elf
Jun 17, 2012
Karaka, Auckland, NZ
Hi Tracey

Welcome to ACL :)

As OM mentioned in chat, you just need to see what voltage the lights are.

There are 2 different things you can do, you can either do a quick bit of soldering to make those lights static or you can cut the controllers out completely.

Last year I bought some lights from K-Mart, they were 31v. I bought a 27v power supply and adjusted it to 32v (max), I also used LOR's 16ch DC controller (CMB16D-QC) to control them. I had to cut off the controllers on those.

For my icicles I cut out the controller last year to make them static. I noticed during showtime last year that they werent as bright as they were the previous year with controllers ON. So with the help of others here I added the controllers back on and soldered the boards in them to be static. I also added fuses onto them and now they are bright again, they hook directly up to my 240v LOR controller.