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Whole House Model and LOR

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by thevikester, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. thevikester

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    Dec 15, 2012
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    I had created a New Whole House Model which had my bushes in the model, and the bushes were LOR channels. So when I created a Whole House Effect, it would pick up the bushes, but being the bushes are only White, Red, or Green, when I would do a color schematic such as blue and gold....it would still activate the bushes and turn them red, white or green, thus creating what would appear to be a very out of place color scheme.
    So I went into my models, removed the bushes as "Part of my display", created a different New Whole house model without the bushes, and named it differently as well. I then created the same effects in the NEWEST WH model, and then deleted the older new house model that originally had the bushes in it....I then saved the recreated sequence....but the bushes are still coming on with the old Red White or Green colors...
    Is there a way to not have them come on, or in my process, did I skip a step? Any ideas or workarounds?
  2. smeighan

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    you need to get rid of artifacts.

    You reduced your WHM to have less channels, but there are still channels with effects left from before.

    This is how you clean a sequence
    Suppose you have wizards.lms,wizards.mp3,wizards,xseq and wizards.xseq

    1) "File,Backup" !
    2) Run CONVERT , wizards.lms into wizards.xseq. This erases and creates a new xseq.
    At this point you have LOR data, but no Nutcracker effects.
    3) Go to NUTCRACKER tab, press SAVE. Nutcracker data is rendered and saved into xseq
    Nutcracker data has now been added.

    You should be clean

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