Why are my RGB's going Crazy?


New elf
Jun 29, 2014
North Gosford, NSW
Can anyone advise on the bellow issue.

I recently completed the converting three LOR Sequences to DMX, using LOR S3. I proceeded to connect up a USB485 LOR dongle to the bank of RGB dumb pixels, configured the ‘Adaptor/IP Address’ to the Dongle and set the 'Protocol' to RAW in the DMX tab of the Network Preferences.
I ran one of the sequences to the display and all was well for approximately 10-12 seconds, then one string of Pixels did not conform to the sequence timing and colour. When I stopped the sequence the errant string of Pixels on the display remained on. I powered down and up again and on each occasion the string of Pixels came on and off with the power switch when ever the dongle was connected.
I then proceed to exchange the dongle with three others, each time updating the configuration for each dongle in the DMX tab of the Network Preferences screen in LOR S3. I also alternated between my three sequences. The results were the same, the sequence and lights preformed well for approximately 10 – 15 seconds and then allowed the same string of Pixels to stay alight. Has anyone experienced any like this and if so can they provide me with any assistance.


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Dec 27, 2010
You must have something between the dongle and the pixels. Is it a CCR and a controller?