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Wireless Temp Monitor Receiver an the Wireless Temp Transmitter/Fan Controller

Discussion in 'SmartAlec Lights' started by SmartAlecLights, May 2, 2016.

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    Time to introduce you to another 2 of my projects i now stock. (stock levels are currently low)
    These are Arduino Based Projects an use's easy to replace modules.
    (Arduino will be Pre-Programmed, but source code can be supplied upon request{to custom label 6char})

    Wireless Temperature Monitor Receiver

    Specs :-
    • Receives data from as many as 4 Wireless Transmitters,
    • Has Internal DS18B20 Temp Sensor, (for Inside room temp)
    • Displays received wireless data with a 2sec refresh rate,
    • Displays Sending Temp Fan speeds via VU meter,
    • Has a External Antenna, (to receive wireless through walls)
    • Detects if a transmitter fails to work or not connected,
    • Board Operates on 5v (can be used on 12v if stepdown converter used)

    Wireless Temperature Transmitter/Fan Controller

    Specs :-
    • Has a DS18B20 Probe Temp Sensor, (to monitor temps in Hot Spots)
    • Control's up to 2 fans (5v to 36v @ 500ma each fan),
    • Fan power is a separate input (5v to 36v),
    • Fans are Speed Controlled in 5 steps depending on Temp Range <25c = off , >33c = full on,
    • Sends Information via Wireless to Receiver every 2seconds,
    • Board ID is selected via dip switches,
    • Wireless module can be Swapped for External Antenna,
    • Board Operates on 5v (can be used on 12v if stepdown converter used)
    Pricing for these Kits are :-
    Wireless Temp Monitor Receiver = $ 35.00
    Wireless Temp Transmitter/Fan controller = $ 25.00
    Wireless Temp Transmitter/Fan controller (External Antenna module){not really needed} = $ 30.00
    Stepdown converters are $2.50 each

    Pricing for Pre-Built are :-
    Wireless Temp Monitor Receiver = $ 40.00
    Wireless Temp Transmitter/Fan controller = $ 30.00
    Wireless Temp Transmitter/Fan controller (External Antenna module){not really needed} = $ 35.00
    Stepdown converters are $2.50 each

    For more info you can contact me or vist the Shop
    Picture Instructions to build the kits are linked on the shop

    Soldering skills for this project is Rated as EASY

    Distance Range
    During testing i placed the senders around the house an out the backyard
    Maximum tested distance was 30 meters going through 3 brick walls
    Antenna can not send information if in metal shed or metal enclosure
    External antenna module can be used on Transmitters for longer distances

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