Wolfieee's Lights ! Finally made it !!


New elf
Jan 14, 2012
Finally turned on the lights last night for there first run. What a success !!! I had about 10 people pull up in the first 10 mins of the show. Was great to here the comments from people when I was over the road watching them run. "How cool are those lights", "WOW!! How awesome was that","Ooooh, I like that bit. That looked cool!!!" I could hear the guy over the road say "Oh, those lights look great!! Been waiting for him to turn them on"

I was great to hear these comments. Felt a little bit awesome :)

So far everything is working ok. Have a few little minor issues with some bad sequencing. that is an easy fix though. Tried to video it but my camerea doesn't work so well at night time. Hopefully should have something up soon.

Still have a sequence or two to finish off but for now I have two songs running back to back at the moment.

Well all in all I think with all the dramas I've had with putting things together and the steep learning curve of everything. I have to say I'm loving the results. I'd like to send a big thank you too all that helped me with everything. Without the community I don't think I would have had anything this awesome. So thanks everyone !!!

So can't wait for tonight. Wonder how many cars will come passed to look :) I'm a little bit excited !!


Dedicated elf
Jul 13, 2012
Glad to hear all went well. Be great to see a video. It is really nice to hear people get a kick out of looking at the lights - makes it all worth while.
Oh, and nothing wrong with feeling a little bit awesome ;-)