3.x Work towards Vixen 3.4


Senior elf
Feb 15, 2014
A copy straight from the Red forum. Thanks to Jeff for all the great updates and fixes.

"I was reading back through the features request thread from the end of the year looking to refresh my memory on some of the things that were being requested. It occurred to me that several of those requests have had some work done on them. I thought I would post a progress report here to give people a sense of what is coming. All this work is in the dev builds for those adventurous souls.

You can view the details of any of these tickets at bug.vixenlights.com.

VIX-2026 Add Location support to the Pinwheel effect.
VIX-2022 The location render buffer does not handle elements with the same location very well.
VIX-2019 Process many elements at once in api/element/on and api/element/off WEB API POST calls
VIX-2018 Add web interface command to turn OFF all elements at once
VIX-2017 The up next feature in the scheduler status shows items that are not scheduled to play today.
VIX-2013 Lock file prevents Profile from Opening after crash
VIX-2012 Curtain incorrect Direction in Timeline when reopening a sequence
VIX-2005 Core engine performance improvements
VIX-2004 Serialization improvements
VIX-2003 Mask and Fill Setup Form Caption
VIX-1999 Improve logging in the Generic Serial controller
VIX-1998 Clean up unused references in the projects.
VIX-1997 Upgrade the Dock panel suite used in the editor to the latest stable version.
VIX-1996 Upgrade the project to target .NET 4.6 instead of 4.5.
VIX-1995 Investigate and enable the debug build targets for all projects.
VIX-1994 Upgrade the version of the web server libraries to the current stable versions.
VIX-1992 Display Setup performance improvements.
VIX-1991 Upgrade version of NLog used to a current version.
VIX-1989 Adjust labels on Scheduler menu
VIX-1988 More work needs to be done to allow sequences across multiple shows to be loaded once.
VIX-1986 Scroll to New Item Created with Add Element/Controller
VIX-1982 LipSync Text Convert Fail Form Caption
VIX-1980 Improve when system and module configuration is saved.
VIX-1979 Allow multiple instances of Vixen to load different profiles.
VIX-1970 Fix bug in the scheduler that launch commands will hang a show.
VIX-1967 Scheduler UI hangs while loading sequences.
VIX-1965 Lights randomly turn off
VIX-1958 The Set Level effect does not properly handle intensity on full color items declared with a non full brightness color.
VIX-1957 Schedules that run past midnight may not stop as intended
VIX-1947 Mask And Fill Layer mixer needs option to include zero values.
VIX-1946 Web server sequence list returns all the backup sequences intermixed with the proper ones.
VIX-1944 When I stopping a running show, Vixen exits completely
VIX-1940 The Set Level effect does not properly handle intensity on discrete items declared with a non full brightness color.
VIX-1939 LipSync Text Converter Whole Song
VIX-1938 Increase the Max Amount of Rotations
VIX-1936 Custom value effect needs to render something-anything on the timeline
VIX-1933 VU Meter & Vertical Meter not running when Sequence activated via Web Interface
VIX-1927 Shockwave Effect doesn't work as expected.
VIX-1926 Delete Template Message Box
VIX-1919 add extend pulse to end/start to wipe effect
VIX-1917 Command Controller forces all http URLs to lowercase
VIX-1915 Scheduler Crashing
VIX-1913 LipSync Start Offset Move
VIX-1912 Clear Text to Convert Text Box After Lip Sync Conversion
VIX-1909 Extra Period in Export Sequence Form
VIX-1908 Option to remove/ignore punctuation in Lip Sync Text Convert.
VIX-1885 Alternate effect needs depth option
VIX-1134 Export Sequence Close Button Mouse Hover
VIX-1132 Find Patched Elements/Outputs Scroll
VIX-1127 Web Server Internal Server Error Windows 10 playing sequence
VIX-953 Provide File Locking / Sharing for Network Sharing of Profiles
VIX-951 Change absolute paths in scheduler "show" to use relative paths.
VIX-949 Add depth level to alternate effect
VIX-843 Export Default
VIX-715 Save on Preview Setup
VIX-685 Scheduler runs outside of specified hours
VIX-408 Scheduler processes a repeated sequence multiple times "