Working with and uploading video


Dedicated elf
Apr 9, 2014
I've got the display going now, so the next step is the proof. I figure I will video it with the DSLR camera as suggested by Lithgowlights. I also have a digital video camera and phone so between all of that hopefully I can get some ok footage.

My issue is, what do I do then:

1) what software do people use to edit videos

2) is it better to video with the car stereo in the background for sound or do you add the sound later whilst editing (does the sound till match up)

3) My internet is not the fastest at home so what/how do I choose/set quality for the video (eg 480, 720 etc)

Any other tips.

Thanks for your time and your tips. Without all this help (and I know I've asked a few questions already) I wouldn't have got my display up and going. I really appreciate it, my kids really appreciate it and my neighbours really appreciate it (Mum even thinks I may actually have some music in me yet).

The support from this forum has been beyond amazing and has kept me going, especially when my lack of skills/paying attention/patience led to the demise of some of my pixels.

So a BIG THANK YOU to all and especially the organisers of this great website. I know there would be untold task being repeatedly done by only a few behind the scenes that we don't even know about.


Michael Borg
Dec 28, 2011
claremont meadows
I use iMovie on my Mac. Record the show with some music playing in the background then later dub over the top with the real music. By having the music in the background it will help you sync it later.


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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
The best video editing software without breaking the budget i have found is Cyberlink Power Director. A very easy and powerful software suit to enable a novice to create professional looking videos.

I always take different angle shots of my display and then i match the music to the clips as the softwere has features that allow you to do this. So add the high quality music when editing the video

The software will also allow you to choose the quality and format you want to save in so you can make a video small enough to send in an email if needed.