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Jan 5, 2014
I am sitting here preparing for next year, this was my first and I am trying to make sure I don't have the same problems in the future, and would like to ask if anyone else has had a similar problem that I had this year.
I had all manner of problem getting my mega tree up and running and so was using da_dmx to test everything and found that all the colours were wrong on over half of the elements.
I am using only dumb strips with 24 channel controllers in this instance (I have 27ch controller's that were not affected)
All of the channels would output on the wrong colour, ie if I turn up red, all the blue would come on.
I went through and changed all of the wiring so that it all lined up, but then.....
All of the colours were wrong when I ran the sequence from Vixen 3.
I setup and test sequence in vixen, and found that I had rewired the whole lot for nothing, all the colours were correct, it was the da_dmx that was giving the wrong colour!
:-\ I just had an epiphany...
I think I have answered my own question while writing this...
I assume the channels I have the controllers set to are not a multiple of 3, therefore the da_dmx is just turning on a channel assuming it is red or blue etc...
Thanks for your help :p


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Apr 26, 2010
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Nearly all the time you will finmd that lights are not in the standard RGB configuration and the RGB orientation needs to be changed. When using dumb strings then its as easy as just reconnecting the lights to the appropriate output that will turn Red on.
This can also be changed via most software as well

Also make sure you are not 1 channel off as this will also cause this issue