WS2811 strip durability


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Jun 12, 2012
Fraser Lake
I realize this will not affect most of you, but I thought I should let you all know what I found. My strips have been up on the south side (sunny side) of my house since the middle of October, in that time the tempurature outside has swung from 10C to -15C a number of times. This heating and cooling has caused a few issues with my set up including: Pulling the strips through the Ty-raps causing sags. Not a big issue but something to be aware of. And the bigger issue is a couple of the soldered joints in the middle of a few of the strips have broken.


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Apr 26, 2010
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I have experienced some of the 2811 strip where the solder joints between sections have come apart. Easily fixed, but a nuisence. Just ensure you give the strip some some room for expansion and contraction due to temp differences and dont use the strip under strain


After making a matrix out of 2801 and having many many failures, the 2811 I have had no such failures. Ive been pretty rough with the 2811's where the 2801's were handled with rediculous care. In terms of durability I a novice have soldered all the leads into, cut, weatherproofed, and so on without a single failure. Yesterday they were soaking wet and still running so my attempt at weather proofing worked. I havent seen any miscolored pixels either. The 2801's becuase of the 4 wires make the strips extremly fragile as well the chip has many more solder points which makes them fragile as well. Never again will I buy a 2801.

This is my opinion, Im sure there are better opinions that would rule out my silly one. That is mine though.