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Xl/NC 3.6.14 release. No tutorial tonight

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Xlights/Nutcracker release 3.6.14

    Be Sure!!! "File,Backup" before you install any new release.

    Content for this release is from Don Julien, Dan Kulp and our newest developer Gil Jones (CopperCreek,GilRocks)

    Don added a nice little expand/collapse button right after "Create Random Effects". This will hide the Effect1/2 panel; and expand the grid. This is especially useful for laptop users
    Dan fixed it so moving from NUTCRACKER tab to PREVIEW tab does NOT need to open the sequence again
    Dan also fixed the circle effect so that the four holes in the circles (used to look like buttons) has been fixed
    Gil added new effect ON. Opposite of OFF. One new thing in ON is you have sliders for RGB, this way you can set exact values. This is useful for single channel models.

    thanks to all 3 for new functionality.

    3.6.14 Dec 14, 2014
    -enh (djulien) Add collapse/expand button (located next to "Create Random Effects")
    to allow more grid space on laptops
    -enh (djulien) Add "My Display" column to Preview model CSV - makes it easier to see why a prop is not getting any data. 8/
    -bug (djulien) Avoid "error 0" when exporting CSV of Preview models.
    -enh (gjones) Update On effect to have 3 color sliders, associated text fields, and bitmap showing selected color.
    The bitmap button can be used to select the color which will update the sliders and text fields.
    -bug (dkulp) Should not be able to select fseq for model export, only eseq
    -bug (dkulp) On OSX only, could not open notes and map files that used txt extensions.
    -enh (gjones) Add On effect. This effect simply allows you to turn on all pixels in a model to the selected color.
    -bug (gjones) Remove extraneous whitespace from the LMS filetype in the drop-down on the file select dialog when
    selecting a file to convert.
    -bug (dkulp) Use cos/sin/radians/etc... to render circles effect. Removes some extra noise.
    -enh (dkulp) When loading a sequence on Nutcracker tab, reset flags so you don't also need to re-load it on Preview pane

    A reminder; I will be in Seattle for the next two days so there will NOT be a tutorial tonight.


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