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XL/NC release 3.4.11: Fit to time works for single strand

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Aug 16, 2014.

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    XL/NC release 3.4.11: Fit to time works for single strand

    As promised, this release fixes a couple of crashes in the Single Strand Effect.
    The big news is that "Fit to Time" Now works on Single Strand.
    If you click "Fit to Time" the single strand effect will be timed so it does one execution exactly matching the timing on the grid.
    So if you are on a row that is at 4 seconds, next row is at 9 seconds then the effect will timed so that 100 frames of animation will cycle.
    (9 seconds - 4 seconds times 20 frames per second).

    There will be more enhancements coming but this is getting ready so that you will have bouncing arches exactly timed to the music.

    3.4.11 Aug 15, 2014
    -ENH (sean) Single Strand Effect now can use "Fit to Time".
    If this is checked, one cycle of an arch will be done.
    It will exactly fit the time on the current row of the grid.
    -Bug (sean) Two places in the code would cause a crash. Both have been fixed.
    3.4.10 Aug 14, 2014
    -ENH (sean) complete rewrite of Single Strand effect. New sliders: Number of Chases,
    color (Rainbow,palette)


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