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XL4 status, jan 11

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. smeighan

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    XL4 Status, Jan 11

    Dev team is working.

    Dave Pitts has
    - added zoom. BLUE ARROW in image. Double click , you zoom in. Ctrl-click and you zoom out. Dave has also added "+" and "-" on right side of keyboard for zoom in and out.

    - If you click on an effect in the grid, 3 frames fill in. PINK ARROR in image.

    - If you scrunch up the left side all 3 frames (effects, colors, timing) will create horizontal or vertical scroll bars.

    - If you look at a model, when expanded it shows the effect layers (we used to call them Effect1 and Effect2). GREEN ARROW.
    You can have unlimited effect layers now.

    - Notice how background alternates between BLACK and GRAY. It is supposed to visually let you know the models have changed. We believe that all the colors used will be a user defined setting. Each of you can customize the screen. ORANGE ARROWS

    Gil has finished writing the C++ convert. we have tested on many sequences.

    Dan Kulp has written a crash dump screen. this is awesome. it detects the crash and builds a zip file that can be sent to us for analysis.
    Dan continues to make sure code runs OSX

    I have redid the icons for the lock/unlock symbols for "create random effects". new icons are less heavy. YELLOW ARROWS

    the sequence is a "create random effects" with hundreds of timing marks. saving this sequence is one of our QA tests.

  2. mararunr

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    Looking great. Can't wait.

    Will zoom be added to the Preview Window as well? Would love to be able to zoom in when drawing items to get them exact and then zoom back out to watch actual show (or maybe even zoom in to watch a certain portion of the show display during a particular part of the sequence).

    Not trying to add to the dev list at all - very happy with what's coming! Just curious.

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