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Xlights 2 Channel Rope Light

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by Steve22537, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Steve22537

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    Dec 13, 2010
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    Harrisdale, WA
    This year I'm moving over from LOR to xLights, the main feature will be a new 1600 pixel Mega Tree. I'm wanting to incorporate my existing wire frame stars into the overall display. The stars which hover just above the gutter are made from 32v White LED twin channel rope light (hacked Big W rope light) connected to a Hanson 2811DC30 Dimmer driven from a SanDevices E6804 controller and hopefully driven by xLights.


    The problem I'm having is to control each output from the 2811DC30 as 2 channels to drive each Star. At present to turn on the first star I make the first 2811 output RED then which turns on one set of LEDs then GREEN to turn on the second set of LEDs then BLUE for the first set of LEDs in the second star. Wow, you see what I mean this is very confusing. Is there a better way?



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