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xlights 2016.3 release

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Feb 2, 2016.

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    xLights release 2016.3

    Dan,Gil have worked hard to find the issue that was causing crashes for some of you. we have gone through a complete upgrade of all of our software and a recompilation of 100,000 lines of code.

    NOTE:: We first want Beta testers to try this new software. Are you a Beta tester? You will answer yes to all the following

    1) You understand that this Beta version can crash and you could lose your data. You know how to recover from this. This is part of Beta testing.
    2) You always make a backup to a usb flash before you try new Beta software. You know what F10 is.
    3) You will try opening and resaving all of your xmas 2015 sequences. We need more in depth testing. Try copying and pasting, try importing lms files. Try Papagayo. In other words, please expand our test coverage.
    4) You know how to uninstall current versions of xlights, re-install previous downloads.
    5) You will communicate any issues to the developers and work with any fixes we send you.

    If you didnt answer yes to all the above, please hold off installing 2016.3 until the Beta testers give us feedback. When it has been tested and feels production worthy we will post here and everyone can download it.

    Beta testers go ahead and post results as you get them. Measure performance, I am seeing 20-100% improvements on old sequences.

    Latest releases are found at http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/
    Issue Tracker is found here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues

    2016.3 Jan 31, 2016
    -- bug(dan) Slight optization, fix plasma
    -- enh(all) Upgrade our build environment. Compiler from gcc 4.7.1 to gcc 5.3.0.
    Code::Blocks from 12.02 to 16.1. Recompile every file and every library.
    -- enh (all) Update Butterfly, Fan, Galaxy, Morph, Pinwheel, Plasma, Shockwave,Spiragraph,
    Wave to use table lookup for sine and cosine functions. Performance Improvement.
    -- enh(gil) Allow easier selection of effect edges. Now only half the effect is selected
    until you cross the midpoint.
    -- bug(gil) Fix bug that was allowing effect overlaps. Occurred when moving effects on
    the grid when they were displayed in multiple rows.
    -- enh(gil) Rename Copy Model and Paste Model to Copy Row and Paste Row
    -- bug(gil) Fix the sequence length when duration is changed so user doesn't need
    to delete fseq file. Fixes #196 and #442.
    2016.2 Jan 26, 2016
    -- bug(sean) Fixed self install script to overwrite wxwidgets library files. wxmsm*.dll
    2016.1 Jan 25, 2016
    -- enh(dkulp) Refactor Effect rendering code to make it easier to create new effects
    -- enh(dkulp) Update Linux Text effect to render on background thread
    -- bug(dkulp) Linux toolbar buttons sizing problem and buttons on effect panel
    -- enh(dkulp) Plasma/Butterfly/Meteors render performance enhancements
    -- enh(keithsw) Add tendrils effect. Also includes introduction of GraphicsContext.
    Builders please see README.Windows for rebuild instructions.
    -- enh(keithsw) Add natural snowfall without accumulating to the snowflakes effect
    4.3.02 Jan 8, 2016
    -- enh(gil) Add copy/paste tool to the Picture Effect Assist window.
    4.3.01 Jan 3, 2016
    -- bug(gil) Fixed direction of colors for a reversed Marquee.
    -- enh(gil) Allow Morph endpoint selections using left and right click and drag.
    -- bug(gil) Improve acceleration for Morph, Fan, Galaxy, and Shockwave. Values 1, 2, -1, and -2 were broken.
    -- bug(gil) Fix a node rendering bug when clicking on effects next to the end of Marquee effects.
    -- enh(gil) Improve Fan, Galaxy, and Shockwave render time.
    -- enh(gil) Add start position slider to Marquee to allow positioning the start color.

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