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Discussion in 'DMX, E1.31 & Networking' started by robin1373, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. robin1373

    robin1373 New Elf

    Aug 3, 2013
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    I have a question regarding the set up of some controllers in xlights & LOR. This is my second year with rgb I have a pixlite16 I am using for the outline of my house. Thanks to so awesome help from you guys here I was able to stumble through last year. This year I bought 2 27channel dmx controllers to run some tombstones for Halloween and trees for Christmas. I will be using 12v dumb nodes for these. I also bought an alpha pix4 control to run a coro spider web that uses 12v pixels.

    1. My first question is I know I will be hooking the 27 channel controllers up to the pixlite16 dmx outputs I am just unsure of how to set that up in xlights & LOR? I am only using 3 universes so I would assume I would start it on universe 4 with the same ip as the pixlite??? If so will I need to change the config of the pixlite itself?

    2. I guess I am having a little trouble understanding the universe thing. So if I add the alphapix4 controller does it start over on universe 1 since it has a different ip address.

    Thank you in advance for your help...
  2. Gilrock

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    Jan 4, 2013
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    In xLights you'll just create 4 E1.31 outputs with the first three going to the IP address of the Pixlite and the 4th one going to the IP address of the AlphaPix. Or you can use multicast and let the controllers figure out which data to handle. Each controller needs its own unique IP address and in the setup for each controller you will teach it which universes you want it to receive and map the data to it's outputs. Sounds like you will have the AlphaPix map Universe 4 to its first output. If you have trouble you can get almost real time help from either the chat room here or the xLights group on Facebook there is usually several people online that help others.
  3. gerry

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    Dec 19, 2012
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    Hi Robin,

    If u are only using 4 universes, u are probably under utilising what u have. So , can u please post your pixlite config, and explain what you already have connected .

    I have a pixlite and 2 27ch controllers . The pixlite controls a mega tree and so has 32 outputs with channels on them.
    Then the 27 ch is connected to outputs 1 and 2 of the pixlite dmx outputs. Make sure u have downloaded and installed the latest firmware and assistant. Ensure that the dmx sliders are activated In the pixlite config ie blue slider . Set the 27 channel dip switch to the correct address. My first one is set to 50 and so I have models starting from 50 onwards , single channel to about 76.
    Next 27 channel is set via dip switch to 80 and models start from 80 onwards. In xl setup channels 50 to 100 or so are on universe 1 and in pixlite setup the dmx is also set to universe 1.
    Hope this helps. If stuck post images of setup.

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