xLights not lighting all pixels nor the pixels I want to light up.


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Nov 8, 2021
This is my first light show ever, and when plugging in everything, xLights only finds 3 universes out of 6 that I currently have connected. I have a R2R AlphaPix Classic Controller from HolidayCoro, with 1 12v Power Supply and 16 xConnect/EasyPlug3 pigtails, and 5,540 total pixels total / 340 per output + 1,536 channels on dedicated RS485 outputs. TESTING WITH THE TEST TOOL WORKS BY THE WAY.

Here's what I have connected to those outputs. (I configured each output to be 1 universe.)

Out1: 50 pixels (Out1-3 Are Snowflakes)
Out2: 50 pixels
Out3: 50 pixels
Out4: 100 pixels (Out4-5 Are Spinners)
Out5: 100 pixels
Out6: 100 pixels (MiniTree)


Here's what my controller's interface looks like.

If this is something totally easy to fix don't trash on me please because I literally just got my supplies for the show and I literally know only E1.31 terminology and how to push pixels into a prop.


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Dec 27, 2014
Buellton California
Only thing I will trash on you for is buying from Holiday Coro... A pic of the controller config would be helpful as well. Easiest thing is to hop in Zoom as @burnt mentioned. Someone will get you squared away quick!