xlights version 3.4.20. More improvements to Papagayo


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Jan 19, 2012
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Ver 3.4.20 released. Papagayo improvements.

Don Julien building it and Tom Langley testing it. They are working to improve Papagayo in xLights.

-enh (djulien) Added Papagayo Preset stitch (allows Presets to be combined dynamically at run time)
- Papagayo Presets match by model or voice name now rather than column#. This means they can move around between columns and still work.
- The format of the xlights_papagayo.xml file (where pgo Presets are stored) changed but should be backward-compatible.
- Custom model info is cached with the Presets; if you change your Custom Models then re-Save the associated Presets
- workflow for horizontal (side-by-side) stitch of multiple pgo files + presets is as follows:
1. clear grid
2. load first pgo file
3. select corresponding Preset; this will "bind" the Preset info to the voice(s) in the pgo file
4. load next pgo file using "+" button, specify "0" for #frames to shift
5. select corresponding Preset
6. select output file if not already set
7. click button at the bottom to generate the sequence
8. load additional pgo files as desired; for vertical stitch (concatenate) enter a non-0 value for #frames to shift