xSchedule and FPP remote


Apprentice elf
Dec 24, 2018

So I have a Pi setup as FPP Remote to show my virtual matrix on a screen, which I use for tune to sign.
Then I also have a sequence which i use a mp4 and when played it will play the video full resolution on the screen.

Initially I had a stutter and ghosting effect where video file was played more than once and it was due to the sync packets. After I turned off sync packets like @keithsw1111 suggested here (https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/xschedule-and-fpp-remote-playing-a-video.11988/post-105230) the video now plays fine.

So I am observing the following things (in xschedule I am using FPP Broadcast , I've tried multicast as well - results are the same)
- Any sequence playing that I have put the tune to on the matrix, will play fine on the screen, but once a video is played, after that it will not play anything that was done on any sequence to the matrix, only videos. Only way to fix it is to restart fpp.

I then tried creating a sequence with only the matrix and put a tune to banner on it and then load it into xschedule as its own playlist, If i play it directly it is showing, if i set this up to be the background playlist, it will not show.

I tried one sequence that has nothing on the matrix and in xschedule I put the eseq file of the "tune to" to play along with the sequence (also uploading all the files to the pi), it also doesn't play.

So gathering from this, I can either edit all my sequences to have the tune to sign to go on and off where I want and then not play any video files.
or after playing a video file issue a request to restart the pi.
- Or, the best outcome for now is to find a way to get it to play the tune to sign and virtual matrix stuff in the sequence after a video is played. Is there some setting I can set to get it to reset itself after a video file?

or just ditch the fpp remote and run a long hdmi cable from the show pc to the screen.


Full time elf
Nov 17, 2014
I've had to use standalone mode as my fpp remote will not play video correctly and had to be reset after each video.


cats & pixels
Dec 1, 2015
the latest image fpp pi definately has issues with omx player, I had to roll back to 3.0 to get stable remote video going.

Mine is running unicast over wifi via xscheduler and apart from having to tweak the videos to account for various lag when omx starts it's working really well.

Not using the pi to play fseqs, this is done on a dedicated pc.