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Australian Brisbane Mini

Here lies the details for the 2013 Australian Brisbane Mini.

Dates and Times

When: TBA

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Preliminary Details

Welcome to the Wiki page for the Australian Brisbane Mini.

Following the success of our first Qld Mini organization has commenced on our next event.

For those not sure what a Mini is. The Mini is an event where we all get together and learn from each other and discuss and view new types of controllers, software and lighting options.

The 2013 event will have lots of new people to meet and many controllers which are produced locally to look at and play with.
The focus of this event will cover software control as well as practical hands on displays of a range of controllers from J1sys to control your pixels to DMX controllers from our china friends and David at Audio Visual Devices as well as equipment from commercial suppliers like Light-O-Rama all controlling basic strings, ws2801 pixels, ws2811 products and RGB lighting.
Additional workshop on basic skills required for a more DIY approach will also be available. As well as basic animation for your display.

All you need to know to set everything up from a basic first time display to a mega channel showpiece that consumes your every spare minute.

This is the one...


What's happening - Saturday

SATURDAY - 15th June
8:00 amMeet everyoneDoors Open grab a coffee
8:30 amWelcome and Intro's
8:45 am
9:45 amMorning Tea
10:00 am
12:00 pmLUNCH
1:00 pm.
3:00 pmAfternoon Tea
3:30 pm
5:00 pm

What's happening - Sunday

SUNDAY - 16th June
9:00 amDoors Open
12:00 pmLUNCH
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
3:00 pm
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