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What is a Mini?

Mini Christmas Expos 2019

Melbourne Mini 2019
22-23 June
Sydney Mini 2019
1-2 June
Brisbane Mini 2019
18-19 May
Adelaide Mini 2019
15 June
Perth Mini 2019
16 June
Townsville Mini 2019
13-14 April
In a nutshell, a Mini Christmas Expo is a gathering of some of the craziest lighting gurus like you from within your city and state, and even around Australia! It is a great opportunity to see and learn more over a weekend then months looking through various Christmas lighting forum sites. The format of each individual mini varies from location to location and year to year, but will usually include some or all of the following:
  • Meet and greets
  • Presentations and software demos
  • Demonstrations and explanations of the latest techy prototypes
  • Workshops explaining how to add the latest breakthroughs to your own display
  • Unstructured time for group Q&A (need clarification? just ask!)
  • And plenty more
The humble Mini originates from 110vac land (the USA) but AusChristmasLighting takes it in its stride continue the tradition whilst catering for the Australian display - low voltage DC, RGB, pixels and the like.

Minis rely on volunteers when it comes to organising them and/or presenting topics at each Mini. The upside to this is typically each Mini tends to have its own unique 'flavour'!

How do I get involved/attend?

Each Mini has its own page for the year and city. Check to the right to find if your nearest city has an event coming up and don't forget to register your interest! Previous year Mini pages are accessible from below. To see all the previous Mini pages click "View All Pages".

The mini you are interested in attending may request that you 'register' in that Mini's discussion topic. If this is the case there should be a button below the first post of that Mini's discussion topic. An example of this is shown adjacent.

On the second stage of this Mini attendance registration you may reserve more than one place if other people will be coming with you to the Mini. You may also leave a brief comment, such as stating which day(s) you will/cannot attend or what you are bringing.

Most Minis have limited places and an RSVP cut-off date.
If your preferred mini is full, places may open up or you may like to consider visiting an interstate mini.

I can't attend...can I still get involved?

Selected Minis live stream or record videos for later publication - often these videos will appear on the AusChristmasLighting YouTube channel.

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