2019 Mini Adelaide

Mini Christmas Expos 2019

Melbourne Mini 2019
22-23 June
Sydney Mini 2019
1-2 June
Brisbane Mini 2019
18-19 May
Adelaide Mini 2019
15 June
Perth Mini 2019
16 June
Townsville Mini 2019
13-14 April

Dates and Times

When: 15 Jun 19

Times: 9 am - 4:30 pm (approximately)

Costs: $10 per person (covers snacks, lunch and drinks)



Where: Cumberland Park SA
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Tentative plan

9.00 Introductions Attendees 30min
09.30 What makes a show - discussion with attendee videos Ralphyf1 / Attendees 30min
10.00 How to 3D or not to 3D in Xlights ? 30min
10.30 Morning tea
10.45 Christmas Lights, Falcons, Xlights Help, where to start! Newbies 30min
11.30 Electrical Safety – don’t let the smoke out. Kimbo3000 60min
12.30 Lunch
1.30 Intro to the prize draw darylc 15min
1.45 Drones rules and applications including demo's Ben Chapman 45min
2.30 Group drone photo Ben Chapman 15min
2.45 Newbies time - discuss and ask anything and everything Newbies 75min
4.00 Daryl's Dazzling Draw darylc 30min
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