ACL Strobe Mk2

The ACL Mk2 Led Strobe is a small 12.5mm x 10mm board. It has been designed to be easy to use and can be used with 0.5, 0.75 and 1W LEDs
Strobe 2 Schematic


Firmware is pre-loaded
The Strobe3.hex firmware is the firmware that is used for ACL Mk2. The same firmware gets used on all boards
Firmware for ACL Mk2 strobeFile:Strob3.hex.zipFirmware for ACL Mk2 strobe

The Tpr1 using strob3.hex firmware is a firmware that can be used on TPR1 strobes which have inverted logic compared with ACL Strobe Mk2.
This firmware is for TPR1 strobe but uses strob3 code from Mk2 strobeFile:Tpr1_using_strob3.hex.zipThis firmware is for TPR1 strobe but uses strob3 code from Mk2 strobe

The firmware can be programmed to the boards via the ICSP header pads that run down 1 side of the pcb. A strip of 5 header pins need to be added to a Pickit 2 or Pickit 3 in order to program the board.

Build Instructions


Step 1: Prepare board.

Get the board.

Step 2: Solder resistor onto the board

Solder the required through hole resistor on to the circuit board. It mounts on the rear of the pcb.

Step 3: Solder the LED to the strobe board.

Solder the LED to the pcb. It mounts on the rear of the pcb.

Step 4: Solder the power leads to the strobe board.

Solder power leads to the pcb. Pads are mounted on both sides of the pcb to allow for the 5V to be looped in and out.

Parts List

Pre-loaded pcb which has NUD4001DR2G and PIC10F200T-I/OT . Firmware is pre-loaded into the PIC microcontroller.
Current set resistor. Axial 0.4" 0.5W. Value selected to suit LED
LED. 8mm 0.5W, 0.75W or 1W

The PIC and NUD IC's are available from Element 14 in Australia using

The LEDs used in the kits are supplied via Ray Wu on Aliexpress. The usual LEDs are white 8mm 0.75W white.


5vdc power is all that is required.

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