Connector Types


DVI connectors carry digital (DVID, DVI-I) and/or analog (DVI-A, DVI-I) video signals for computer monitors.


HDMI connectors carry digital video and audio signals for computer monitors, home theatre equipment, etc.


"KK" connectors are also sometimes called Molex connectors, but Molex is just a manufacturer of many different connectors. They are available in different sizes, each with a different pitch (pin spacing). Common pitches are 2.54mm (0.1") and 3.96mm (0.156").


When someone says a "Phoenix" connector, the ones below are often what they mean. These are made by several manufacturers, all with their own names and part numbers. Usually you need to buy the matching plugs and sockets from the same manufacturer's range, as although they look identical, they are often not quite compatible.


RCA connectors are most often seen on hi-fi equipment for the line level audio and composite video connections.


VGA connectors are used on computers and monitors. It carries analog RGBHV signals. Some computers may be able to be configured in software to send component video instead of RGBHV on this connector.


XLR connectors are most commonly used for audio (microphone & speaker) and lighting (DMX) applications.

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