The octoscrolla is a pcb that is designed to plug into a BeagleBone Black (BBB) or BeagleBone Green running Falcon Player (FPP) to allow you to run up to 64 P10 led panels. Each of the 8 16 pin connectors can control up to 8 P10 panels. It was designed and built based on the original octoscroller design.
Depending on the version of Falcon Player that is controlling the Octoscrolla it can run P10 32x16 1/8th scan and the following other formats.which are mixed between P5, P10 etc.
32x16 1/4 scan
32x16 1/2 scan
32x32 1/16 scan
64x32 1/16 scan
32x32 1/8 scan
40x20 1/5 scan


The Octoscroller that the octoscrolla is designed around was developed by Trammel Hudson and some background information on it can be found at http://www.nycresistor.com/2013/09/12/octoscroller/


When connecting between an octoscrolla and a P10 panel ensure that the notch on the 16 way IDC connector is around the correct way. The octoscrolla has shrouded headers and they cannot be inserted the wrong way. Do not connect or disconnect connectors to the octoscroller while either the BBB or P10 panels are powered.


If soldering up octoscrolla pcbs care should be taken to ensure that the shrouded header connectors are in the orientation as shown on the pcb overlay, the IC is on the bottom side of the pcb and that there are no shorts between the pads and the vias. The use of a soldering iron tip of 1mm diameter and solder under 0.8mm diameter is recommended.


The octoscrolla was developed by Hanson Electronics and includes a 5mm screw terminal for powering the BBB. In addition to that change there is also a minor layout change allowing the connector numbers on the pcb overlay to be seen and also a real time clock (RTC) to be added so that the BBB can run scheduled shows without needing to be connected to the internet to get the time.

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