PIC Programming

Some handy links for those into programming PIC micro-controllers. You can use MPLAB or the dedicated programmer application to program PIC chips.


  • Dev Tools The last version before MPLAB-X is 8.92

Programming Example 1

This example is when you have an assembler file and are using a PicKit3 with a ZIF socket adapter board.
  • Start MPLAB
  • Open the assembler file you want to compile and program
  • Select chip type: Configure > Select Device
  • Select programmer: Programmer > Select Programmer > PicKit3
  • Go into Programmer > Settings > Power, set the voltage to 5V (PicKit3 only) and enable it
  • Make any changes to the assembler file (options, etc)
  • Make sure the assembler file window is focused
  • Compile to hex: Project > Quickbuild xxx.asm
  • Program the chip: Programmer > Program

PicKit 2

Here's the list of chips supported by the PicKit 2 ICSP programmer:

Some newer families of PIC chips may require an updated device file:

PicKit 3



Other Tools

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