xLights custom models

A collection of xLights custom model files (*.xmodel) for various elements. Feel free to submit your own custom models here.

Add yours

  1. Below, click Add Listing -> Add New Attachment
  2. Choose the xmodel file you want to upload.
  3. In the text editor area, describe what the model is of, for example a 2-tier star, or a particular Boscoyo item.
    • Optional: You might also like to add an image preview of the model as separate attachment and link to it in this description field.
  4. In the category field below the text editor area, choose "xLights custom models" (type xLights and select this in the drop down).
    • This step will add your xmodel to this page.
  5. Adjust the name of the file, if desired.
  6. In the "save to" section please select the Elements area.

Model previews

TBA. This section may only contain some of the submitted models - i.e. the ones with image previews. All models submitted to this category page can be found below (keep scrolling!).


Boscoyo ChromaCane 48

Singing Tree (Christmas Creations/Holiday Coro)


Boscoyo Mega Black Widow Spider

Boscoyo ChromaBats

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