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XLights 4 Webinar series: Effects (Part 2)

keithsw1111 demonstrates the collection of effects packaged in xLights 4.0, one by one. Part 2. Effects covered in this video: * Fill, * Fire, * Fireworks, *...
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Effects covered in this video:
00:00 Fill,
00:51 Fire,
05:00 Fireworks,
08:42 Galaxy,
12:40 Garlands "effective on [pixel] trees",
15:08 Glediator (use in combination with http://www.solderlab.de/index.php/software/glediator),
18:28 Life,
19:38 Lightning,
22:28 Marquee "good for tune to signs, particularly P10 panels",
25:02 Meteors, and
31:33 Morph effects "very powerful on arches, spinners"

38:32 Backup on save toggle

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