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    Answered Custom Colour Effects

    Thanks for that
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    Answered Custom Colour Effects

    Hi all, can somebody please explain how to do custom colour effects like in the below screen shot (indicated by red arrow). It has multiple colours and a small time clock icon below it. It was produced by somebody else and I am trying to figure out how they did it/ Thanks
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    Usual Newbie Question

    Well after lots of YouTube how to and watching the ACL mini video presentations I have managed to get one strip of lights to go blinky blinky as per my Xlights sequence. I must admit I did have a few frustrating moments in particular trying to get my head around network connections and...
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    Arlec Window Projector Kit at Bunnings (and alternatives)

    Hi all, has anybody had any experience with these cheap bunnings arlec projector kits?
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    Elia Ware lights 2017 Christmas Light Show Canberra

    I like the angled layout on the roof
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    Szoka Family Christmas Lights 2017

    Thumbs up for a nice neat display. What part of Van Diemans land are you located ?(I am up in the NW).
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    Radio Transmitter and The Goodies Pirate Radio!

    Hi, now this is way off but I was looking into Radio Transmitters and then I remembered The Goodies TV program and when they had a pirate radio station!!!!! I did a quick google search and found it, so I thought I would share with all. View:
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    Usual Newbie Question

    Thanks i13, Unfortunately they have already posted the controller, so I couldn't change the order. I am sure I will need another controller so I will make sure I get the Pixlite MkII next time, or a Falcon controller If I can get one. also Thanks Derf for your link for the radio transmitter...
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    Answered Importing Sequence - Star Wars Funk issue with images for Mega Tree

    Hi all, I hope this is the correct section as I am a complete newbie. I have imported Logan's Star Wars Funk into Xlights from here I followed the excellent instructions provided in the youtube clip by Keith (by the way Keith...
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    Usual Newbie Question

    Hi all, Thanks for your very informative replies. Also I must congratulate everyone who runs this site, and members. I have been watching the numerous youtube clips produced from the "minis", wow what a great resource. A quick update. Lights I have orders a couple of strings of node WS2811...
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    Usual Newbie Question

    Hi all, I have stumbled across your forum after the usual goggling "xmas lights". You know the usual story I have done static lights for a couple of years and now would like to move in to pixel displays. Dont stress I am not trying to build anything for this year (2017). I have heaps of...