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    Media Player Reco

    Then I have to configure it and program it up . Even though I’m a code cutter from way back in the days of cobol and assembler , these days all I want is a plug and play solution
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    Media Player Reco

    I’m looking for recommendations for a media player in Australia to project atmosfx videos onto a display screen . The media player is to replace the laptop that is currently connected to the projector
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    Neighbors Copying ?

    Set up a large banjo in your yard with lights and they will do the same. You can then invite them to a dueling banjos
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    I have read some old posting on Lightjams anyone else using it
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    Atmosfx carol singers projection

    has anyone created a lightorama sequence to match the atmosfx carol singers projection. I have emailed atmosfx to see if they will advise the original music used .
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    Physical piano keys attached to lights

    I have found pianos / keyboards that have light up keys when learning to play. Has anyone seen a piano / keyboard that lights up the key when playing . I’m thinking about a project for next year to have each key when pressed activate a light string . Alan
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    Projecting to window

    For those looking for extra brightness without opting for larger more expensive projectors , two lower lumens projectors working together will increase the brightness. Not to the same ratings ie double but will increase Video below from Epson Projectors View:
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    4 pin screw terminals for SanDevices E682

    Does anyone know where i can get more 4 pin screw terminals that you use to connect cable to the SanDevices e682. I have seen some at jaycar online and RS online but they quote pitch sizes. Not sure which one I need for the board . Thank you
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    Dmx Flood Lights External

    Correct ☝️
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    Dmx Flood Lights External

    The thought for power is just like any external lighting as in just have a professional run a power cable or two around under the eves and tap into it at different places . With one or two switches inside they all come on. The DMX control is to be able to have individual lights display...
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    Dmx Flood Lights External

    we have 20 plus stained glass windows that I would like to light up at different times if the year. Am I correct that if I use DMX lighting all I need is the one connection back to a controller compared to normal floods I need 20 connections back to the controller. View...
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    How much does it cost to run 25,000 lights

    How much would it cost to run Griswolds’ Christmas lights from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?”
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    Projecting to window

    Have a look at the atmosfx page and the blogs on that to get an idea how it works
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    Magnets to attach ws2811 strip?

    I read somewhere else, someone was putting shrink wrap over the magnets to stop scratching on the gutters
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    Rope lights on lawn / driveway securing

    Looking for the name if those horshoe type nails or giant staples that you can buy. I am looking at a way to secure rope lights on the lawn and around the driveway edges , any ideas ? Thank you Alan