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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2020 Interest thread

    Thanks Bruce and dj. Would like to see a demo on how to mix a song using Audacity. Also a discussion on how to best control the flow of people who come to see your show. Is it best to have say a long 30-40 minute show or break it up,into 5-10 minute shows with a few minute gap of not much...
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2020 Interest thread

    Regarding venues, what numbers would be looking to have to cater for?
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    Melb SE displays

    Hey DJ. Yes the mooning Santa is actually a bit of a hit, especially with the kids. He basically alternates between pants up and pants down. I was pulled up by the hand brake of inserting a fart sound during the audio track when he is
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    Hello Everyone!!! Fresh Meat Here from Massachusetts LOL

    Hey Dan and Juny. I work for a big IT company that was based in Westboro and then Hopkington. I do get to go there every couple of years for training purposes. When I get over there for my next trip it would be great to catch up. I normally stay in either Webo or Milford
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    Pixel buffers

    Alan. Just on this a quick question, in this scenario would it matter whether you had the buffer at the controller end or at the start of the pixel string?
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    Hey , From Perth Aus

    Welcome ash. If you are wanting a plug and play solution the guys at advatek lighting do one. They are based in Melbourne and the 2 "Luke's" are fantastic to deal with and super helpful. I use their controllers and really haven't had an issue in 5 years. However it ain't cheap. Plug and play...
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    Request for review before first order

    Al, are the 8206,8208 based on the same protocol as 2811/12? Or are they different. Reason I ask is that I have pixelite controllers and they can only do one protocol on the controller.
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    Another Melbournian

    Mow the lawn! But you have a great site there as you can use the slope to tier stuff. There are no trees to get in the way as well. Arch's along the higher retaining wall. Mega tree in left corner. Depends how much you wish to invest. Build it up gradually each year. Just pick your voltage and...
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    New member from Melbourne, Australia

    Welcome Leigh. Come December depending where you are, visit one of the other ACL members that have a setup. Intorduce yourself and ask questions. We are normally happy to talk about how we did/do things. Jim
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    What’s the correct way to wire up 12mm Bullet Pixels, without pigtails?

    On my bullet nodes which are 2811's, the output side of the pixel is the side that has the IC (8pin) on it. The other side of the board there is a 3 pin transistor (i think) which is the input side. with led pointing away from you the inputs are 12v Di Gnd R G Bl
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2019 Dates

    I can make either june date. I have checked out some rooms at manningham council in doncaster. There is a 20 person room (2 rooms with a divider that can be opened up) with seating/tables/overhead wifi etc.that can be rented out. It is above the library which is open on the weekends so access is...
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    "Neon Strip" - WS2811 strip in frosted silicon tube

    I used this for my roof outline and it worked really well, but the are all straight runs. Not sure if they will bend enough at the top end of a tomato trainer...
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    Question - How do people mount roof lines on ridges and apex

    I think that typically the sides are concerted, but the front faces normally are not. You really don't need to slide under a tile as you could just silicone it to the tile. Good luck with it all. The roof outline is my favourite part of my display.
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2019 - Interest (tentatively in May, need venue)

    Even though I won't be able to attend on the proposed dates, I would like to know a bit more about ESpixelsticks as I think I might have a use for them. I get the basic idea, but I am a visual learner so a demo would help.
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    Question - How do people mount roof lines on ridges and apex

    Hi Catherlest....check out my post in this thread - I have used strip for the last 3 years with no issues, except for one wire detaching from a pad.