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    Hello from the Pacific Northwest

    Which part of the PNW are you in? I'm over on the Eastern Side of Washington State. Add more strings to the tree :)
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    Nutcracker: What new effects would you like to see?

    You can do "that" now, having a timing line that you change the label with notes in it. E..g make a 20 second long timing mark on a track called where was I. Assign it to a view you like, then you can change the label to a nice long note to yourself :)
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    Scheduler Enhancements / Improvements / Bug Fixes / Wish List - add yours

    RTC and pi, or in my case BBB, oxymoron, lost 45 minutes overnight, replace the battery, was loosing 3, then one day it totally lost it's mind and thought it was years ago in January.. For the GPIO, having the api calls with a restful interface can be handled by a few inexpensive cards out...
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    Scheduler Enhancements / Improvements / Bug Fixes / Wish List - add yours

    It's more of a logistical issue, e.g. my pc that I would likely play from his in a basement and the projector is in the attic.. Might be time to pick up one of those mini itx pc's or find a wireless video sender so I can send a "monitor" on my play pc to the projector in the attic.
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    Scheduler Enhancements / Improvements / Bug Fixes / Wish List - add yours

    Got to double dip the vote for pjlink so I can control my projector.. No idea how I am going to get video on the projector yet, one piece at a time :)
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    Possible Boscoyo Studio Bulk Buy from the US

    I think you guys should just buy James and his wife some airline tickets and he could use the extra baggage fees to bring it all over :) 50lbs of strips per bag is a lot of strips and I am not sure how many cubic feet of coro that could be :)
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    If your a Prince fan, great tribute using old school and new school here

    Enjoyed the blending of old school incandescent and new school matrix, rgb blended in. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155185299458797&id=47689998796&__mref=message
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    RS232 Projector Control?

    working on doing that with a FPP using the projector plugin, mine will be TCPIP likely, but they have serial support in the FPP.
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    Star Frame from Kmart

    got one all lit up? Is it about the right thickness for Pixel Clips?
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    General frusteration venting post

    Been there done that, having one instance of xlights on one computer and on another computer in test mode can cause the same issue and cause you some head scratching..
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    LSP on Mac?

    I had only seen that as part of initial plans, and that they would look at other features when they had more time at later dates but that might be too much between the lines assumptiins.
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    LSP on Mac?

    Looks like the answers have flowed. still a few LSP users, the re-write is progressing and no firm dates nailed down. No word on migrating yet to the new version old sequences. Nothing official on how the 2.8 users will be handled when 3.0 releases. I had trouble with the 1.5v of FPP, they...
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    Pixicles programming

    David, if you don't figure it out in xlights, pull it out as a model import as data from LSP.
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    Multiple strands in a custom model?

    Gil, could you possible look up the layout of the standard 3 model and then change it in the view of that? Or is that view read only? If one was good with xml think it could be done there?
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    What is the best 5V pixel out there now?

    "Better" is a bit generic. TLS3001 pixels are "better" by those of use that like color purity. Stellascapes uses a different chip and Andrew has stated they use extremely tight binning for theirs vs what you buy that are likely their rejects. Budget comes in there too.