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    Help needed please... prop mounting ideas for colourbond roof

    2 dimension or 3 dimension objects, if 2d cutouts, make some sort of frame that you can support your cutouts with and use longer tek screws to tie down to roof, (have 24 *75 matrix which sits on ridge line and three supports behind it back to 3 longer tek screws -leave in roof ) i used...
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    Hi fasteddy, i have an email from Joe Hinkle (HLS designer) can you pls send me your email...

    Hi fasteddy, i have an email from Joe Hinkle (HLS designer) can you pls send me your email address please so i can forward joes email to you for your response, cheers and thanks in advance Boof63
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    2019 theme 'high school musical'

    Lego Movie 2- at least its current, lol cheers Boof63
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    Pixel Spacing

    Also thinking of changing to bullets from strip, reckon 2" is much better resolution and for gifs/video. miles in front. thanks for the heads up , now i have to convince the finance officer ,cheers Boof63
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    Hello from Adelaide SA

    HI , living in Kadina, Leds for 5/6 years now, less power and better effects, check out the manual HERE for all the good info, if you have queries (we all still do) post em , visit Chat, or PM me if you would so like. Several other Adelaide/SA members, also Adelaide mini conference is a great...
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    Big Santa. How big is big?

    just put a red light on top for low flying jumbos to avoid. Cheers Boof63
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    halloween prop concept

    made two infinity mirrors, pretty easy following instructions off of internet. So disguising edges would be good, could you get a skeleton to drop an imaginary pisec of dirt and get sound effect for falling into a deep hole to represent depth? Cheers love the idea. ps headstone out of...
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    Strips or Bullets for a Mega Tree?

    i use strip 30/metre ws2811. zipped ti 20mm pvc pipe. keeps the strip rigid as well as being easy to store (i don't take the strip off). Effects look ok, text is ok, gifs etc are ok (not great) as resolution is low. Although logans star wars work well Tree is 16 str x 25 pix and people view...
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    Pixel spacings for Displays

    would go a smaller matrix but higher resolution, at 9 meters it would be like looking at the tv screen from 2 feet. spotty and not great resolution. my roof is INK 1003 pixels 12v. 25mm spacing, it was 20 string x 75 pix long x 32mm spacing between strings.I added more and went 32 x 75 this year...
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    Feeling disappointed

    Keep going, or at least have a break for a year, it is time consuming, if you are like us and hand out candy canes through December every night. It can wear a little thin at the end of December. We had fewer cars this year but more donations ($980- a new record for us) and we are in a small...
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    Winner winner... well almost

    we do it for the kids (big and little). I won ours last year ($100) so that went into the charity collection tin, this year not even sure what's happened,. overall donations have been down to date as has traffic, I'm in small country town Kadina-SA, and Xmas lights, in general, are waning here...
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    FM Transmitter - Dead!

    Kevr, have used the same for past 2 years, works a treat at the back of the house, plugged into headphone jack on computer. low setting has range of approx 500m for my setup, cheers Boof63
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    Projecting to window

    if you have tinted windows to keep out the glare and sunlight, then you need a very bright projector to get any sort of clear vision:(:(:( Can't make it work on our house. Cheers Boof63
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    How much does it cost to run 25,000 lights

    Running approx 16,000 leds, haven't noticed power bill go up much at all, only on for 2-3 hours and mostly running at 60% power or less and then only half on at any one time (flashing.changing etc) so minimal draw. cheers Boof63
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    1 string of lights has a mind of its own?!?!

    hi it looks like your universes are out of wack, the F3 has universe 20, while xlights has univ21 underlined, and in xl univ 20 is your icicles-m tree. does this help.cheers Boof63