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    HLS Wind simulation

    This is one of your nicest Richard... great work
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    power and data injections?

    The P2 does need a power source. It does not pass enough power to run your pixels. You can run the P2 from the same power supply as the pixels as the power draw for it is very low.
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    power and data injections?

    Yes as long as it is coming from the same power supply. If you are using different power supplies than you must have the + line separated and only the ground line running through There is a couple great pics of this in the ACL101 manual
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    12v vs 5v strands

    There is a thread full of info on this topic, link below: 12V vs 5V
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    Trying to understand everything

    Welcome to ACL. There is a great assortment of members here from around the world with experience in all types of Christmas displays. If you have any questions just post a thread or pop into chat for a bit. Good luck with your display.
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    RGB 2811 strips and signal issues

    yes, you can back feed the null pixel
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    Happy Birthday AussiePhil

    Happy Birthday from the far north.
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    RGB 2811 strips and signal issues

    yes one wire only for data, two wires causes timing errors
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    RGB 2811 strips and signal issues

    Not sure what your distances are from the controllers to first pixel or from power supplies to strip, I would chaeck voltage at the strip to verify that you have enough power to run everything. Remember that when dealing with low voltage, voltage drop on the wires can become an issue
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    ShellNZ's show setup...

    That is awesome Shell :) :) :) Nice to have a neighbour into the blinky as well If you liked the video and don't mind spending a couple seconds to support Shell, follow the link and click on the heart at the bottom of the page Vote Here Thanks
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    Nutcracker: Possible move of to

    The link above was inaccurate. this one works.
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    P2 and signal issues

    no, RGB amps are for dumb lights, they do not amplify data!!! Null pixels are the correct way of extending distances. (sorry, replied from bottom of page 1 and did not realize question was answered)
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    how to tell 6803 from 2801

    sounds more like resistors, maybe you have "dumb" rgb strip?
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    P2 and signal issues

    pixel universes equal 510 channels, which is 170 pixels. Make sure you set accordingly.