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    Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    its only September and just been to my local Target and already putting stuff out for Christmas
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    Not expected but nice to get

    went to check mailbox yesterday morning and found a note saying how much they enjoyed lights. In 5 years of lights never got one before so kinda makes me happy that people like them
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    Anyone else on nightshift!!

    i am a maintenance sparky on night shift and if no breakdowns can get a bit boring if i wasn't, dont think i would have time to do all i need for christmas, already done a couple of wall wash RGB's for this years show
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    tso christmas canon

    big big thanks for that,
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    tso christmas canon

    Anybody help? Where can i get Tran-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Canon (childrens choir). On itunes i can only seem to get the piano only version , tried amazon and they wont down load mp3 outside the US, even tried the TSO official website but again cant down load outside of US thanks in advance
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    Large water Proof boxes $10

    just found out they are building a Masters in Toowoomba and will open late next year, hopefully in time to be of use for next years display items
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    channels staying on

    looks like a problem with rj45 sockets on board, made up a couple of cat 5 cables and re-routed so board was last in daisy chain and no problems
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    channels staying on

    i think it maybe a control board issue now while they were still daisy chained turned one board on at a time, when all on started to play up so turned them off one at a time, when i turn off board 2 problem goes away, back on again plays up straight away. will check connections first, it is not...
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    channels staying on

    yep cmb16d and running LOR with a cat 5 cable (seperated about 100mm from any other cable)
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    channels staying on

    dont quite know whats happening, last night show was running ok (6 dc boards @ 29v all LED) then after around 15 minutes or so some channels would stay on, it was happenning to a couple of channels on every board, they would go off when the channel was turned on and off again next time round...
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    Big W Icicles 2011

    just been to big W with a print out of online price and manager said "big W online is different from regular big W stores " so would not give it to me at that price
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    not your standard mega tree

    just found this site
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    2011 Big W Lights Starting to Appear on Shelves

    just been to Kmart and they are starting to put ther lights out too
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    2011 Big W Lights Starting to Appear on Shelves

    could'nt help myself, just purchased 24 sets for my mega tree
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    RJ45 Waterproof connectors

    kane thats right it is a female to female connector, the outside gland seal is made in a way so a complete cable can be plugged in and then screwed up to seal then when not needed unscrew and unplug