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    How To: Pixel Meteors (Pixicles, Pixemeteors)

    bump so I can find this one.....
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    WS2811 strips - 30 vs 60 LEDs per meter?

    I have been using 30 px/m also--plenty plenty bright!!!
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    A new person - Getting a better understanding

    My opinion--don't be afraid to start on the small side. "Don't confuse small with insignificant"! This is my 3rd year to setup a sequenced display. I started off with 16 AC minitrees and six RGB arches two years ago. Learning all this stuff does take a bit of time. Not difficult, but a...
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    Question about E682 Zigzag Configuration

    Followup question---it seems like the 8 strips I have configured in zigzag aren't displaying correctly when running sweeping horizontal or vertical effects like garlands, meteors, bars, etc. When I check using SACNView, I have the zigzag setup correctly in the E682 but it seems like the...
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    Question about E682 Zigzag Configuration

    thanks so much John. I figured it out. I had correctly set the zigzag to 50 but had incorrectly clicked on "reverse"--which swapped the strips... I wasn't' intending to do that. I noticed the universe overlap; I thought the E682 automatically did the universe math based on the channel...
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    Question about E682 Zigzag Configuration

    I am setting up my megatree lights (5m WS2811 strips, 30 LEDs/m 10 pixels/m) with my E682 to check out all my channels and I when I use SACNView to channel check I am seeing something I did not expect. I had expected the first strip coming out of the "1-1" socket to contain channels 1-150...
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    Megatree ready for the big game

    Looks great Logan
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    mega tree top hooks?

    I made my toppers out of 3/4" plywood, so I used wood screw-based hooks. They worked well last year and I will do again this year.
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    New 2015 matrix build

    Looks really great, Habbo!
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    Star Wars CCR Tree

    That looks really great!!
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    Windows 10 is stealing your bandwidth 'by default'

    Thanks SmartAlec
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    Pixel Covers for 3D Printer

    Wow that is waaay cool
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    Habbo--you will find a place that is EVEN BETTER than you are now! And light that baby up!
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    New coro presents

    Those look really great Habbo. Very nicely done!
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    2 New Mega Trees

    That will be a great setup Pircy. Nicely done.