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    For those using Superstar

    For those who are using Superstar Price reduction plus if you already own a registered copy, you get a free upgrade to the next higher license.
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    Anybody heard from Ed lately?

    We just had our fall mini. Andy said he was in Knoxville where Ed lives, emailed him several times, and still went home empty handed. Ed keeps saying next week. I went a to his a couple of months ago to pick up my P12S. He had a lot on the plate at the time. Don't know what's going on now though.
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    NUB want to make a mega tree

    I don't want to be a killjoy or anything, that's definitely not my intention, but I have to say a thing or two here. First, this can be done, but your sequencing should be almost done or better yet, complete. At this time of the year, unless you have ample amount of time, you'll most likely...
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    Looking for a cheaper P2

    You can always take a look at the E6804 from Sandevices. 4 outputs and 12 universes in Unicast mode. The built one is $99 and the kit is $69. It's a simple build. With moderate soldering skills, one can be built in about an hour. Just another option.
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    What smart LED strips to use?

    One thing I can add to this. The 5v, WS2812b strip with 30 LEDs/meter are individually controlled. I bought some last year and had to group them in 3s simply because, my sequencing was for 50 pixels, not 150. I have not used the INK pixels, but I have used the WS2812b. One of my new props for...
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    ACL Members personal websites Here's mine. Ron, Denise and Darian Boyd Knoxville, TN, USA
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    Ground Loops using 2 power supplies

    I’ve been reading some stuff about using 2 power supplies for 1 controller. My question is regarding tying the 2 grounds together to NOT create a ground loop. I’m confused on the ground loop issue. 1. Is it the grounds on the AC input side tied together or the DC output side? The AC side...
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    Lor smart and dumb pixel and networks

    I'm assuming this is the Actidongle from holidaycoro. If so, you can use it for a single universe of Dumb RGB without the crossover cable. If you use the LOR dongles, you will need the crossover.
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    ws2811 versus 2812 and/or 2812b This is what I would suggest as to how to make the corners. The wire may be a little long, but when I soldered up some Dumb strips last year, and after attaching them, The solder job I did didn't hold up...
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    Need a little help from my friends please Take a look at these. These are the single universe controllers I use. These I don't have any of, but David sells them too:
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    Question for WS2812 Strip Users

    I have a Sandevices E6804 but for 2 strips, it would be overkill. I'll just order a couple more of the single universe controllers and go that way. Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated.
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    Question for WS2812 Strip Users

    I think I posted the wrong link. the attached is the only documentation I received. These strips are new but un-used. If what I'm finding outis correct, these have 30 IC/M and that would equate to 150 pixels and 150 RGB channels per 5m strip. If this is correct, I'm looking at almost a full...
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    Question for WS2812 Strip Users

    I recently acquired a couple of these. Upon opening the package, I am under the impression that these are WS2812 strips. I have confirmed the LED order to be GRB, and I’ve confirmed the WS2811 chip with my TinyPix controller setup software. Now to the weird stuff that I am having a problem...
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    Just a little teaser of what will be 2013

    Will be interested in seeing the photos and how to. Thanks
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    Just a little teaser of what will be 2013

    I will also be using an unorthadox method of keeping the pixel straight and uniform And that would be?