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    New to Pixels, need help.

    Cheers Alan and welcome NickWato, yep NarreLights will be running this season, just getting setup now and should be running from early Dec. More than happy to show you around, shoot me a message.
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    EX-RENTAL SALE - Pro stage lighting.

    Hey Mark, definitely not a good time for the events industry right now, no work since March and nothing on the horizon until public gatherings are allowed again, but we're hanging in there. The business is not closing or anything drastic like that, but 6 months without work has given us plenty...
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    EX-RENTAL SALE - Pro stage lighting.

    Hi all, we are having a clear out of our factory and I thought some of this gear might be of interest to ACL members. Any questions feel free to email, pm me or post here. David
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    This is great! Thanks LDL.
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    Controller Options - First Year

    Re long range boards vs local ports, keep in mind its is not just either/or, Falcon F16 gives you the option to add expansion boards of either type so you can do both with one controller. In my display for example, I have an F16V3 in a central control box with its 16 local ports feeding props on...
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    Controller Options - First Year

    Hey Ambarta, seems we have a few things in common, fellow lighting/screen tech here in Vic and I have been involved with Christmas lights and ACL for many years. No doubt there is alot of cross-over with what we do in entertainment lighting and many of the concepts and protocols are the same...
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    Converting a ropelight star to pixels

    Hi Stephen, I did this with my ropelight star and am really pleased with the results. You can replicate the original ropelight effects for a vintage look which is fun but also pixels allow you to do so much more with the prop. You could consider simply laying bullet pixels end to end, they...
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    Has anyone created a mega tree that just used a single Raspberry Pi + Falcon-PiCap before as it's pixel controller?

    Not a Falcon cap but I use a Pi with one of Alans RPi28D for my tree, 24*50 +150 pixel star, works great. If you want to see it in action, here's a piece on the tree controller from one of my walk-through videos; View:
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    @LawrenceDriveLights that's awesome! This will be on @NarreLights this season for sure. Thanks.
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    Melbourne/Vic 2019 Melbourne Mini Registration - June 22-23

    Very grateful to have won a sequence voucher from Pixel Pro Displays on the weekend, the voucher is for the sequence Bob Rivers - Joy to the World (original layout). The song is not to my taste but I would hate to see it go to waste so happy to pass it on if someone else from the Melb mini can...
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    Arches - LDPE Tubing (Air Seeder)

    G'day. Here's a link to those clamps, they come as a box of 20 for about $40, not cheap but just the right size.
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    Bunnings Solar Ball Lights - $4 (Seaford Meadows Bunnings)

    These are awesome! The 20cm are a regular line at Bunnings, they also had some promo stock of a 30cm version for a while (the big ones might be hard to find now). I made a bunch of these with bullet pixels inside and used a few in last year's display, they match in well with the small reject...
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    Small triple Fuse holder?

    Would inline fuse folders do the job?
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    NSW - Professional Stage Lighting Auction

    Oops, ACL killed the internet.
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    HA. I can already picture the eye rolls from all the parents who've heard this a million times, kids will love it though! Could you post a link to the music track please.