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    Who sells larger 'hook heads' for top of Mega tree?

    They do custom work also.
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    HLS - New Sequencer if any are Interested

    HLS is getting a new Preview screen, if you see any version greater than 11F DO NOT USE THEM, they are test versions only. Joe will turn on the UPDATE switch when he is ready to let you know. This year, half way through the season, my whole display was converted from LOR to HLS and it fixed...
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    HLS - New Sequencer if any are Interested

    HLS will import Vixen initially. As of Version 7R (still has a few bugs) LOR can be imported. Working on RGB import and total time not being correct.
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    wow the lor superstar is great (if you don't have dmx channels)

    The Beta 3.1.116 has the Superstar DMX now. I have not really tried it yet but will soon. What you have to do is in the visualizer setup the display with all your DMX channels assigned, then you can use it in Superstar and export the Superstar sequencing with the DMX channels assigned. There is...
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    How to Make CCR's work in DMX Mode

    After not a stellar year, my display had several issues. I am always pushing the envelope for my budget. One Item is a major problem with the IDMX-1000 that LOR does not know how to fix. but this post is on my second problem. How to make your CCR's work in DMX mode. After asking many...
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    One Faulty CCR Section - Red LED's Only

    Last year this is what happened to one of my CCR's, was already mounted and had no replacement CCR. I turned on the defective section colors and poked the ribbon with a pencil around the resistors. When I found the point where poking the ribbon would turn on the LED's I would mark it with a...
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    How hard would this be to design

    You could wire your whole yard that way and really have a knock out display. Would be a nightmare just using standard controllers but easier using RGB nodes. Today's software would not even come close for us to sequence with either.