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    play random sequence for gpio input

    This is all built into FPP 6.2. There is an "Insert Random Item From Playlist" FPP command that will pretty do exactly what it says it will do.
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    Ideal sequence length

    You don't mention the number of channels, but my gut feeling is that you are running out of memory. First thing to do is make sure Render Cache is completely turned off. If running low on memory, you're just going to start swapping.
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    FPP video

    Name the video the same as the music on the master (except the file extension).
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    FPP video

    Videos on remotes have to match the media (mp3, mp4, avi, etc...) on the player. They don't match the fseq filename.
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    Kicking off a light sequence (stage show)

    Midi can work as well (fpp-MIDI plugin), but that would require a bit more hardware as it would require some sort of USB midi adapter to get the Midi events.
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    Kicking off a light sequence (stage show)

    Can ProPresenter send out an OSC event? That would be the best option. When you hit the start button in ProPresenter, it would trigger FPP via the OSC plugin to start the appropriate sequence.
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    Sound Blaster 3 on BBB

    It's not really possible. You can edit the boot/uEnv.txt to re-enable the video/audio so that the HDMI port will appear with Linux, but if you do that, you will lose about 20 outputs of the BBB cape. The HDMI is intentionally disabled on the BBB so that the pins can be used to drive pixels.
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    FPP Show setup advice.

    I have an announcement that I want to play every half hour. To do that, I have my show play without the announcement in it from start time (5pm) to end (9:30pm). Then I have an FPP Command to "Insert Playlist after Current" with the same time range with repeat of 30min. That way, I can...
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    FPP Read GPIO in Script

    The "gpioget" command can be run from a script to get the current value of a gpio line.
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    Scrolling Text Issue - xLights

    The text effect does not work with Windows 7. Couple of other effects might not either. You need to move to Windows 8 or newer.
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    P10 Issue - Pixels lighting up where they shouldn't

    Couple of suggestions: 1) Check the voltage and try dropping it to 4.8V or so. 2) If on a beagle, turn out the Output by Row option. 3) If output by row doesn't fully clear it, turn on the blank between rows option.
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    Release 2022.13 Released

    Kind of... The main issue is that preview windows when displaying the moving heads calculated the position, it used a real time timestamp (current millisecond count since the last time it displayed a frame). That worked fine for normal playback. However, if you used the Audio play rate...
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    FPP v6 pixel output license

    I have to apologize.... we were hoping to have "beta1" images of FPP 6 (and fppos files) out this weekend so people purchasing vouchers could get them applied easily and really provide feedback and such on the entire process. I ended up testing positive for Covid on Friday (wife tested...
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    FPP v6 pixel output license

    First off: the main forum for FPP is at: and the announcement was posted there. Please direct questions there. I CaptainMurdoch (Chris) monitors that forum very well, but I don't know if he ever logs in here or not. Since he was the...
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    FPP Main Controller - Pi or BBB

    The only places the speed will matter is boot up time and when you hit the "Upgrade" button. Maybe an extra second when you hit the "restart fppd" button on config changes. The gigibit ethernet on the Pi's can help if you are pushing a ton of data, but if using FPP remotes (original poster...