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  1. dkulp

    Hello Everyone!!! Fresh Meat Here from Massachusetts LOL

    Where in Massachusetts? I suppose I could point out that all my controllers ( kulplights.com ) are designed in Framingham. :)
  2. Beep Beep I'm A Sheep

    Beep Beep I'm A Sheep (2019)

  3. dkulp

    xSchedule and FPP remote - Playing a video

    That's the right version... It seems to work OK if using FPP for master. Probably a bug in xSchedule. No idea. I strongly recommend ditching xSchedule and running FPP for master/remote setups.
  4. dkulp

    xSchedule and FPP remote - Playing a video

    What version of FPP, this was a bug in one of the older versions. Make sure you are using 3.5.
  5. dkulp

    FPP API Documentation

    The two places to look: http://{{fpp}}/api/help and http://{{fpp}}/api/commands The first lists most of the general REST api's. The second lists the commands that can be hit. All of them can be invoked either via GET (http://{{fpp}}/api/command/CommandName/arg1/arg2/.... ) or via POST...
  6. dkulp

    FPP scheduler

    You won't get that error with 2019.65+. That said, the best fix is in FPP Connect, make sure you select "V2" or "V2 Sparse" for each of the remotes.
  7. dkulp

    Need help down loading Falcon Player

    Cool... so I should plan on 3.6 for Monday so your videos are out of date immediately. :) Just kidding. I will have 3.5.2 in the next day or so. Collecting a bunch of bug fixes.
  8. dkulp

    QM Vamp stopped working on Mac

    I just uploaded a DMG with a new build of the QueenMary plugins for the mac to: https://dankulp.com/xlights/ Can you try installing that and see if that helps? It's also 64bit only so much smaller.
  9. dkulp

    QM Vamp stopped working on Mac

    Grrrr.... QM won't work at all on Catalina. Catalina will require it to be signed and notarized (which it's not). I'm likely going to have to grab the sources and rebuild it and sign/notarize it with the xLights setup.
  10. dkulp

    Request for review before first order

    The automatic test pattern thing is a deal breaker for me. Otherwise I like the other aspects of the GS820x chips. Some controllers don't send any data out if there is no data to send. Those would definitely cause the LEDs to start there color cycle. (example: all Hats/Capes for Pi's and...
  11. dkulp

    Answered Help with P10 Panel configuration, please

    If you look on the fpp device in /opt/fpp/capes/bbb/panels, there are files there where you can see which pins are mapped to each of the signals.
  12. dkulp

    Vast FMT-212R FM Transmitter Noise Issue

    You cannot plug it into the USB on the pi. If the Vast detects a USB connection, it only will use data from that. If you power the vast from a usb wall wart thing so no data, then the 3.5mm audio jack should work.
  13. dkulp

    Vast FMT-212R FM Transmitter Noise Issue

    it's only on the Pi (BBB -> VastFM is fine) and occurs with all the various Linux audio players, so nothing specific about FPP. It's some sort of linux usb kernel driver issue or something, but certainly not something any of us have any knowledge to be able to dig into. I use a BBB for my...
  14. dkulp

    P10 display problem

    Couple of suggestions: 1) Update to FPP 2.3 (or even flip to master branch). There have been a bunch of fixes already. 2) Since you are using xLights, don't use e1.31 at all. Delete ALL the universes on the inputs tab on the BBB. (also, make sure you don't have any e1.31 outputs defined). In...
  15. dkulp

    Joking Skeletons sound tracks

    A couple years ago I took these and broke them apart into 60-90 second "chunks" to use between songs. I have 8 chunks all sequenced with lyric tracks for xLights. The old stuff is at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v96q50t7agfeu8b/AAB5o_lCGyazNPStVr-G2jd7a?dl=0