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    FPP Dummy Audio

    Do you have a pixel cape enabled (LED Panel or ws2811?). If so, the onboard audio has to be disabled and the only option is the "dummy" audio. You would need a USB sound device (which you would likely want anyway due to the poor quality of the onboard audio).
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    Running Sequencing & Xlights from Raspberry PI

    For running sequences on a Pi, FPP running on the Pi is by far the recommended way to accomplish that. Its pretty much a web based application for managing the schedule and playlists and such. For actual sequencing, a Pi is not recommended at all. You likely could install the desktop stuff...
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    Running sequences (and singing faces) from SD card

    This would be WAY easier if you would flip to a Pi Zero instead of the Arduino. Would pretty much come down to: Install FPP, upload FSEQ file and Audio, create playlist, hit Play.
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    Xlights update issues

    You may need to delete the ~/Library/Containers/org.xlights directory AND the two xlights preferences files in ~/Library/Preferences. When you start xLights, it will re-prompt for the show folder which should then setup the needed permissions. You WILL need to then go into the preferences...
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    Release 2020.26 Released

    Keith forgot the other big news.... xLights is now in the Mac App Store: It's only version 2020.25 right now since it takes a couple days to get a new version reviewed/released.
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    Beaglebone black and wifi

    It depends on the chipset. Most of the 2.4ghz only 150MB and 300Mb chips work. Most of the dual mode and 5ghz only do not. That said, the chips that we include specific drivers for are rtl8812au, rtl8192cu, rtl8723bu, rtl8192eu rtl8723au, rtl8822bu, rtl8812au.
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    Hello Everyone!!! Fresh Meat Here from Massachusetts LOL

    Where in Massachusetts? I suppose I could point out that all my controllers ( ) are designed in Framingham. :)
  8. Beep Beep I'm A Sheep

    Beep Beep I'm A Sheep (2019)

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    xSchedule and FPP remote - Playing a video

    That's the right version... It seems to work OK if using FPP for master. Probably a bug in xSchedule. No idea. I strongly recommend ditching xSchedule and running FPP for master/remote setups.
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    xSchedule and FPP remote - Playing a video

    What version of FPP, this was a bug in one of the older versions. Make sure you are using 3.5.
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    FPP API Documentation

    The two places to look: http://{{fpp}}/api/help and http://{{fpp}}/api/commands The first lists most of the general REST api's. The second lists the commands that can be hit. All of them can be invoked either via GET (http://{{fpp}}/api/command/CommandName/arg1/arg2/.... ) or via POST...
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    FPP scheduler

    You won't get that error with 2019.65+. That said, the best fix is in FPP Connect, make sure you select "V2" or "V2 Sparse" for each of the remotes.
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    Need help down loading Falcon Player

    Cool... so I should plan on 3.6 for Monday so your videos are out of date immediately. :) Just kidding. I will have 3.5.2 in the next day or so. Collecting a bunch of bug fixes.
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    QM Vamp stopped working on Mac

    I just uploaded a DMG with a new build of the QueenMary plugins for the mac to: Can you try installing that and see if that helps? It's also 64bit only so much smaller.
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    QM Vamp stopped working on Mac

    Grrrr.... QM won't work at all on Catalina. Catalina will require it to be signed and notarized (which it's not). I'm likely going to have to grab the sources and rebuild it and sign/notarize it with the xLights setup.