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    Release 2016.56 xLights released. Spatial Color gradients, Effect improvements

    I am pleased that you fixed the fan effect. I used it once in my show this year. This year, I created an animation of the fan effect in After Effects, and put that on my whole house model, instead of using the XLights fan effect. The fan effect still leaves holes when it is very thin, but when...
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    e1.31 (Sacn) to DMX Interface (1 in 4 out)

    I considered them as a useful thing and something to play with. After this thread, maybe I don't. I first saw them in a YouTube video by another lighter. Search for E1.31 to DMX on YouTube.
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    Converting from LOR pixel editor to xlights

    I don't think it is possible unless you can turn the PE file into an LMS. Why do you want to move from LOR to XLights? I would see that as going backwards. I was going to, but then I can sequence better in LOR (I am used to it, it feels more accurate, and I can easily hand-make effects, copy...
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    LOR controlling DMX 30 channel Board

    The sequence editor's network preferences button just launches the separate network preferences program, so they should be the same, if that is what you mean.
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    LOR controlling DMX 30 channel Board

    Is it assigned to the correct universe in the network preferences and in the sequence editor?
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    LOR controlling DMX 30 channel Board

    Is the LOR control panel running? That is a common mistake missed by people. Does it see and make a connection with the Entec dongle?
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    FPP install

    I have a short and basic video. Enough to get FPP running.
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    Some Wicked Sequencing

    Quite nice. It was done by a professional A/V company, who probably used time code and something like a GrandMA 2 console or MagicQ. Programming like that takes ages. Effects are generated automatically and the exact time for each cue to start is set, then several systems which use time code...
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    DMX Address

    I would buy the programmer. The only annoying thing is you need to have XLR ends on them, or use an adapter for the three pin waterproof connector, but it is still nice to have these. Physical order in the chain has no influence on start address. They all receive the same data. You need to...
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    2801DC15 Flicker

    Yes. I have tried that. I will record a slightly better video in a minute, with data from DA_E1.31. The Pi is running OLA. I have considered changing it to FPP, in either bridge or remote mode, but FPP uses OLA to output the pixel data. If you think it could be the problem, though, I can try...
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    Gum Tree Purchase

    I meant good not food. [emoji14]
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    2801DC15 Flicker

    I am using the Pi in bridge mode with signal coming from E1.31. The rainbow effect (XLights butterfly) is what should be there. The flashes, which don't show up too well, are not supposed to be there.
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    Answered LOR Twinkles and Shimmers via FPP/DMX

    I know this is old, but I recently created this video showing twinkle and shimmer. View:
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    Raspberry pi 3

    I think that the new onboard WiFi does go through the WiFi controller. The ethernet connection does. I got my Pi 3 yesterday.
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    Gum Tree Purchase

    I used a WS2801DC15 from AAH to control my store brought lights for 2015, and I will buy another to use for 2016. They are really food. Very few controllers can go up to 30 volts. I used a 30 volt power supply. It was probably a little too much. One string failed just before Christmas, and...