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    2012 Christmas display in Sweden (Static)

    Thanks everyone! :)
  2. Deck the halls

    Deck the halls (2012)

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    Greetings from Sweden

    Good continuation of the new year! Have had computer problems and could not be out on the internet in a few weeks. But now I'm back online, I've looked at all the light shows you uploaded for 2012 and I am very impressed by your work! Wish you a great 2013!
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    2012 Christmas display in Sweden (Static)

    Thanks Bird! Yes I am a little proud of what I have done, but I really like your animations in Aussie :-)
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    Angel Preview

    Really awesome! Like the idea with servo on the wings, now i understand that it´s made from some sort of plastic.Very good work indeed!
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    2012 Christmas display in Sweden (Static)

    Hi guys! Have looked around at the site and I am full of respect for all the work you put on it, I'm jealous that I can not use music in my display when our plot has a high fence around that makes it not visible from the outside. So I have to settle for a static display so long. Here are the...
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    You call that a light show?

    Really nice!
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    My first (modest) musical blinky display

    Good work! I like both your static display and the animated parts!
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    Just for Ryan - "World's Best" Christmas Lights (messages on hold)

    Excellent chosed music to the set up!
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    Lights on the Ridge 2012 show

    Great work like the sequencing! :D
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    Olivevale Christmas 2012 - Test Run

    Really nice work! Congratulations!
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    Angel Preview

    Really nice, what materials do you use, is it wood?
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    Finally finished programming for my first year controlled!!! yay

    Great show! is it really the first programming you do? It looks very proffesional to me.
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    2011/2012 (non-controlled) display

    Nice lights! I am also only in to static display, It´s amazing how much the kidz like even the simpliest things. I compare our display 2007 and how it was last year with a big grown of items.