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    Hello and comolimenti for the realization of this snowflake. I started to print one to see how it is. The software I use is 3D care and I have to say that I was very happy from the beginning. At the end of the print, I will share some photos of the result! Thank you for sharing these files !!!
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    Answered Problems with double or superior led strings .....

    Thank you for answering me so quickly AAH! Honestly I did not think to check the configuration of the F4V3 ..... As soon as I get home from work will be the first thing I will check, with the hope that this will be the problem of the malfunction .......... ...
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    Answered Problems with double or superior led strings .....

    guys, I have a problem with the LEDs ... if I combine two strings of 50 pixels one and go into the test with F4V3 the first turns on properly, while the second no! I open a new package of 10 new LED strings and I tried to repeat the same operation, with the difference that joining two strings...
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    Controller and Power Distribution Worksheet v2.0

    thanks for sharing this work, it's very useful
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    Snowflakes - made in home

    thanks for the compliment
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    Snowflakes - made in home

    yes absolutely, a effect beautiful
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    Snowflakes - made in home

    Yes! I had panels previously used to close the windows of the building site to prevent the water from entering, and when I put the windows in order not to throw them I thought to recycle them by making snowflakes. :-)
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    Snowflakes - made in home

    After many hours spent hours and hours watching fantastic bright displays, plans of beautiful objects, I came across this wonderful forum where I found people always available and courteous, even when the questions were really endless ....... I would like to share with someone like me who has...
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    Falcon pixel controller reshipping (shipping forwarder from US)

    I had the same problem myself, from America did not ship to Italy and via shipito I managed to get me to deliver my first falcon controller in Italy! the service offered is excellent and very fast. Keep in mind that the price is not cheap ... but the goods arrive fast and complete. Gian Piero
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    Elia Ware lights 2017 Christmas Light Show Canberra

    Fantastic!!! congratulations for the realization !!!!
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    2 noob questions about WS2811 strings

    Guys, I have this type of string with two more threads than the usual three. One of the two wires is the masssa that goes connected to the mass of the controller, example Arduino nano as I did for the star that I made this year and one of the two is the signal related to the data ...
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    Boscoyo strip

    can you tell me how long are the strips you are talking about in this discussion? I would like to buy them too to create the first mega tree, thank you!
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    Santa's Coming for Us

    Wow!!!! congratulations, really fantastic !!!!
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    WS2811 Pixel Node for 2018 Interest

    Surely when I will be available again, I will buy this in this way I can create the length I want without being obliged to join more strips with plastic bands and compromise their resistance.
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    WS2811 Pixel Node for 2018 Interest

    Derf, I contacted Boscoyostudio a few days ago to see if they still had the product available, but right now it's over. I was also evaluating the purchase of this product, because I would like to use it to create my first big tree!